A medium chat room is a place where you can talk with psychic mediums about deceased ones that have passed away in your life. I find that many psychic mediums like to open up chat rooms on AOL and PalTalk. These two chat arenas can open your eyes to the spiritual realm of things. I have opened my eyes to the psychic mediumship arena several times in my life and I have seen many psychic mediums helping people that normally would not receive any sort of help. I think that an experience psychic medium can pick up on a dead relative of yours.

One time I was in a medium chat room and a man by the name of Carlos came in. I said to myself that this man was an open door for many psychics because he was so open to the spiritual world and he was open for what may be a part of his life permanently. I think that his eyes opened up when he saw me because I really wanted him to see that I was willing to hear him out as well. I am not a psychic medium, but I happened to be in a medium chat room. I was looking for answers just the same as this man Carlos was. I was intrigued by his voice because he acted like he was in desperate need of just wanting someone to hear him out. To hear what he had to say. I thought to myself that this man really needed help. He needed someone that was willing to hear what he had to say. My spirit guides told me that Carlos was going to one day overcome his feelings of fear. He was not always going to be hurting. I knew in my heart that at some point, he was going to befriend the psychic and he would one day show himself to be a person that had faith and a lot of feelings. I think that when we allow ourselves to stay open to the spiritual realm, we can really begin to trust and to grow in our own feelings towards the spiritual realm.

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