Psychic abilities are an important part of the study of the paranormal, also known as parapsychology. According to theorists, every individual possesses one or more of the powers in the list of psychic abilities. It is only that certain individuals are aware of their extraordinary abilities and cultivate the same for greater good. These individuals are gifted with extra sensory perception (ESP), commonly known as the sixth sense. These sensitive individuals, bestowed with any of the powers featuring on the list of psychic abilities, are aware of the various aspects of the past, present and future, which otherwise eludes the five senses of a common man.

The list of psychic abilities includes the common powers to know and understand about the past, present and future of an individual’s life:

• Clairvoyance: This psychic ability makes a person see personalities and incidents that have occurred in the past. The method of clairvoyance, featuring on the list of psychic abilities, helps in awakening the awareness of the past.

• Clairsentience: This technique involves the awareness of the past through perceptions of smell and feels. The extra sensory perception of psychic readers goes beyond the perception of common man and they become aware of the past.

• Clairaudience: The extra sensory perception of hearing sounds from the past is one of the chief powers on the list of psychic abilities. Usually these three powers, clairvoyance, clairsentience and clairaudience, are inter-related and often found together in a psychic reader.

• Telepathy: This technique involves the transfer of thoughts, dreams, concepts or ideas from one person to another without utilizing the help of the five senses. This works in both ways, the psychic reader can perceive the thought processes of the seeker as well as implant his own ideas into the latter’s mind.

• Empathy: Featuring on the list of psychic abilities, empathy is similar to telepathy in techniques. However, the difference between the two is that while telepathy deals with thoughts and ideas, empathy is the transfer of emotions and feelings through extra sensory perception.

• Psychometry: This technique uses an object as a medium to know about the past, present and future of the individual associated with it. An important part of the list of psychic abilities, psychometry depends on the extra sensory perception of that particular article.

• Telekinesis: A prominent feature on the list of psychic abilities, telekinetic power is the amazing power of an individual to move objects from one place to another without any physical contact with the object. This is done by the power of the mind that overcomes material strength. Apart from the list of psychic abilities given, psychic readers also use other extraordinary powers. The psychic readers use their amazing powers to delve deep into the psyche of the seeker and know about his past, present and future. All individuals are bestowed with certain psychic abilities. However, they are not in proper channels and thus not properly functioning. Harnessing the psychic ability is a matter of practice and experience.

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