Lily Dale is known as the world’s largest psychic center in the world. This community is full of psychic readers that actually live amongst other psychics in a spiritualist community. Lily Dale is said to have held some of the best psychic mediums of all time. Psychics like James Van Praagh give lectures there yearly. I have been to Lily Dale more than once and I can tell you that it is the most amazing and peaceful place that you will ever go to in your entire life. If you can ever get yourself to Buffalo New York, then you will be able to find Lily Dale New York. It is around an hour and a half from Buffalo and you can just see why so many people have come to this place.

Lily Dale has its own psychic medium museum and library as well. It has a restaurant on site for guests and several hotels. This psychic community also has some of the finest psychic mediums in the entire country. Many of these psychics give psychic readings daily. It seems to be why people come to Lily Dale. People usually go to Lily Dale to learn and to grow spiritually. People that go to Lily Dale usually do so because they are looking for answers.

When I was at the Lily Dale Assemblies, I attended a psychic mediumship reading event at a place that they cal the stump. The stump is a place where the psychic mediums believe they can receive messages for the living. They pick people out in a crowd and read them for free. People that get psychic readings at the stump are often amazed by the psychic’s accuracy. They can often tap into the past, present and future. I am always amazed by the psychic readings at the stump because they are usually being directed towards people that want to receive a spiritual message from a loved one. The dead and the living are known to speak at the stump.

You can spend an entire day at Lily Dale or even an entire summer for that matter. When you go to this spiritual place, you will find that the staff is extremely friendly and open to visitors. The psychics will usually greet you with a smile and hope that you return to their psychic mediumship community. I think that people that go to Lily Dale should expect the unexpected.

There is also plenty of parking and yes, there is a gate entrance fee. The fee varies and is usually only charged in the summer time. However, things may have changed since last year when I last visited the place. I hope that I have opened your eyes to one of the best places on earth for psychic events and activities. This beats out any psychic fair that I have ever been to in my life as well.

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