Are you a Libra Man who has a Taurus woman for a girlfriend and are wondering at the compatibility of a match? Well, have no fear. The Libra Man and Taurus woman is a perfect match for each other. Venus rules both these signs, depicting gentleness, beauty, love and money. Both of you will appreciate the finer aspects and beauty of life, highly refined in your tastes and exercise great diplomacy in all of your actions.

Any thing beautiful a place, an object of art, a piece of clothing will enthrall the both of you. A Libra man and Taurus woman together will love to shop attend cultural events and have meals at specialty restaurants. Both people have a taste for the finer things in life and therefore enjoy being in each other’s company.

While Libra is a Cardinal sign and Taurus a fixed sign, there could be some hiccups in the relationship because both exhibit two different characteristics. Taurus people are extremely prone to being stubborn in nature and the Libran Man has to exhibit lots of patience and persuasion to get the Taurus woman around. A Taurus woman can find the indecisive nature of a Libran Man very irritating. However, Librans are very accommodating and will be always willing to accept other people’s decisions.

Astrologers believe that when a Libra man and Taurus woman get together, it is their karma, which has united them. People belonging to both these signs are looking for security in their lives, making it easier for them to come together and share lives. Their relationship is one of understanding, love and need to share what both appreciate like poetry, art and culture. In the very beginning of their relationship, a Libra man and Taurus woman have the feeling that they share common interests but as they proceed and grow in their relationship, they find that they are indispensable to each other.

Since, Venus rules both the signs of Libra and Taurus, they enjoy being wooed and their relationship is something very beautiful as it unfolds. By nature, a Libran man is charming and a Taurus woman appreciates this quality in him. He uses his diplomatic charm to get a stubborn Taurus woman to see his viewpoints and even is ready to go her way to keep the relationship going and peaceful. A Libra Man and Taurus woman help compliment each other and that’s what makes their relationship one, which is outstanding and beautiful.

A Taurus woman see the practical side of life while a Libran Man uses his intellect and at times both can become snobs and lazy. This can lead to conflicts in their relationship, but with the Libran man being very tactful, these problems are overcome with ease.

Libra is an air sign while, Taurus is an earth sign. This makes a Libran man very talkative while the Taurus woman prefers solitude. During times like this, Libran men are advised to seek other friends to allow their Taurus partners some time on their own. Their mutual appreciation for each other and the fine things in life is what keeps their relationship going. A Libra Man and Taurus woman can therefore be perfect partners in marriage.

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