Leo is the fifth sign in the zodiac according to western astrology. Leo horoscope individuals are considered to be extrovert, masculine and positive as per their zodiac sign. Leo is a fire sign and one of the four fixed signs in astrology. It is displayed pictorially by the image of a Lion or more specifically by the head and mane of the lion.

Individuals are considered to come under Leo horoscope when born with the Sun in this sign. Sun is considered to be in Leo sign roughly from July 23 to August 22 under tropical zodiac and under sidereal zodiac Sun is there from August 17 to September 16.

Leo Horoscope is ruled by the Sun, also its domicile planet. Whereas planet Uranus and Saturn being considered as detriment to it, its exaltation planets are Neptune and Pluto.

Going by mythology Hercules had killed a Nemean Lion and Zeus in the honor of Hercules had raised the lion to the stars thus the astrological glyph for Leo is the head and mane of lion. In Greece Leo has many times been found to be associated with Roman god Apollo and goddess Sunna.

Leo Horoscope is widely learnt to be compatible with the same element zodiac signs like Aries and Sagittarius. Libra and Gemini are as also known be good matches. It bond excellently with Taurus also, but the relationship requires same level of commitment from both signs in trying to accept and understand each other as both signs can be very stubborn.

Ideally Leo horoscope personalities are suited and are known to excel in careers like politics, administrator in government jobs, lawyers, photography, fashion industry, in the field of music and art and any job related to entertainment business. They do not believe in doing things safely or being penny pinching or being compared with others, dislike small minded people and hate loneliness.

Individuals with Leo horoscope sign are known to have and display the following character traits; – Creative – Passionate – Noble – Warm hearted – Magnetic – Protective – Generous – Energetic – Voracious – Arrogant – Snobby – Materialistic – Arrogant – Dogmatic

People from Leo horoscope have specific identifiable physical traits. They have strong physical features, well defined appendages (athletic limbs) but have average heights. Facially they have full lips, high cheek bones and large deep eyes. Leos are also known to have very soft skin and they also boast of very fine, silky and shiny hair.

Birthstone associated with Leo is Ruby, for persons born in July, and Peridot, for persons having born in August. Accordingly gemstone allied to Leo horoscope is Sunstone. Similarly Gold in metals favour Leo individual most and the Orange colour suit them appropriately. In Indian horoscope Leo is equivalent to “Singha” while in Chinese it is thought to be the charming and inventive “Monkey”.

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