Doesn’t it seem like people are tired of “The Secret.” This movie sensation was the most talked about movie that I can recall in 2008. I remember the movie being on Oprah and everyone seemed to own a copy of this magnificent film. However, the secret seems to be wearing off on most people. I think that a lot of people are realizing that the secret doesn’t always work for them. I think that it can work if you have a really good spiritual life and you allow God to do what He wants to do with you. When you give God first place in your heart, you are really telling Him that you are ready for something real and new. Most people that want to learn more about the psychic industry often do so because they are trying to find out what God may have in store for them. I think that when we put our mind to it, we can learn mostly anything that there is to learn about ourselves and other people. I think that you have to really put your mind to it and just ask God to give you His blessing each and every day. I have learned to allow God to give me His will each and every day of my life.

When you ask God to come into your heart, He can begin to work on you. I don’t believe in wishing on anything or creating vision boards. I think that we can create a vision for ourselves by just allowing God to guide our path each and every day. I learn best when I take my life spontaneously each and every day. Sometimes God just comes into my heart and speaks a miracle to me. I think that we all have to learn a little bit more about God each and every day. I think that when we do this, we begin a process of understanding God a little bit more than what we may have understood before. Don’t forget to give God all of the glory each day in prayer and worship. I think that this helps us to grow as a spiritual being as well. God can give us His peace each and every day. He is really the master of our lives. We must honor Him with prayer and worship each and every day. I want to say that we must also praise God in our good and bad times. The Holy Bible says that God knows our needs even before we ask anything of Him. He is the Alpha and the Omega!

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