This is a guide to tell you how to attract a Libra man. Libra is considered as a masculine sign i.e. it is an extrovert. So to basically begin with it is easy to approach a Libra man, being a man and that too a Libra. The most exposable personality of a Libra man is that he is very outgoing, flirtatious if you may. This is an advantage as well as a disadvantage.

The advantageous part is that it is easy to approach him and he would flirt with you without hesitation. However the disadvantage is that it complicates things. You would not know where you stand at first, whether his friend or romantic interest. If you get to know him as a friend in the initial encounters, it would help you later in developing a romantic relationship with him. The second cardinal rule on how to attract a Libra man is to be social and outgoing.

Libra men likes to be the centre of attention, they crave to be surrounded by a lot of people. So you are more likely to find your Libra man at discos rather than sitting at home. Well the next rule I am going to write about is not going to bother most of the fairer sex, because this is what they do best. May I please ask you to floss yourself? Try to look your best when you are with him. A Libra man loves beauty in all things; especially in woman. I guess this is not going to be an issue. Are you and your tastes sophisticated? If yes, this is going to help you very much. A Libra man loves candle-lit dinner, costly restaurants, a getaway is definitely not on his list.

Shower him with affection. He loves attention, so this goes without saying and makes him feel special. Libra utilizes all his energy to avoid direct confrontation, so it is totally necessary for you to be indirect. Don’t be too direct and speak your mind all the time. One more important issue that you need to be aware of on ways on how to attract a Libra man is his inability to take decision.

A Libra man is not a great decision maker. It would put you in favor of him if you are able to help him sort his issues. If you help him make good decisions, there is a good possibility that he would turn to you in times of crisis. A Libra likes everything in balance. Don’t be too sweet, neither a cold person. Libra is a sign of balance, so striking a balance in your life would attract any Libra.

What ever tips we give you on how to attract a Libra man, it is totally essential that you need to develop the art of seduction yourself. We are not God to give you everything you want. However, following the above mentioned rules will definitely put you in a much better position than you would dream to be in. Good luck if you are looking to attract a Libra man.

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