Leo is the Latin name of lion and the ruling star of this zodiac sign is Sun. As Sun is the source of infinite energy and vigor, Leo people are also attributed with infinite strength, a mighty character with lot of generosity and courage, loyalty, sense of chivalry, and love for the friends. They live king size rather they love to live king size. Being ruled by the cynosure of galaxy, Leo takes Sunday as his preferred day and white is the auspicious lucky color for this zodiac sign. So if we evaluate horoscope Leo sign, we will come to a conclusion that Leo stands for a leader and for a might impression. He is the king.

A king is always alone because he moves first. Leo, by the energy and dynamic view of life prefers to move ahead and he is committed to his closed ones by his commitment, loyalty and chivalry. On return he expects the same loyalty. In case he does not find his surroundings as generous as him he declares resolution and this trait of Leo marks the horoscope Leo sign as tyrant with iron view of obedience. Leo is a born leader; the autocratic character of Leo wins mighty performance for him.

Leos are dedicated for their friend and the worst enemy for their enemies. But Leo declares war upfront. Another unique trait according to horoscope Leo sign is a wonderful sense of proportion of Leo as per the timing is concerned. Leo can anticipate well at which time he can make the best impression out of any situation and this sense of timing has made Leo standing apart even in the midst of bandwagon. This trait of Leo is an attribute of his zodiac quality but somehow it is considered as the dramatic character of Leo people. This is the reason sometimes the leaders, if they posses by horoscope Leo sign, are condemned about their melodramatic type.

As the totem of Leo is lion this zodiac sign is full of muscularity, energy, they are exceptionally powerful by inner strength; if situation demands they can be extreme gracious and ferocious in nature, if require. This makes the general level of energy high and strong than other common persons. By the horoscope Leo signs who are born between 15 th and 23rd of August they are gifted with fiery spirit to fight out their on battle whatever is the situation. The horoscope Leo signs is blessed by power and blessings of Jupiter and Sagittarius if they are born between 5th and 14th August and they are empowered by exceptional creed for knowledge travel, and zeal to know about new cultures.

The perfect mate for Leo is Aquarius and in the long run Aries for its fiery symbol. Gemini cannot move with its logical mind with Leo, Pisces are too soft for them, and Capricorns get easily overpowered by them so cannot form a good match. Although limited, but Sagittarius also goes well with Leo people for the similarity of elemental symbol in some specific case according to the trait of horoscope Leo signs.

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