Leo is ruled by Sun star shine and thus posses the vigor and momentum of this leader of galaxy. As Sun is the source of infinite solar energy, the character trait of Leo is also full of vivacity; Leos are great leaders, famous warriors, and passionate creative people with indomitable spirit. Leo people are good performer and they want to achieve something in their life. It is mixture of generosity and autocracy, sometimes it is found most unpredictable to gauge a character of Leo, so as reveals in horoscope Leo love life.

Leo is a fire symbol and the fiery rage is a typical character of Leo man. They have intense hunger for physical activities; a Leo man can be passionate in his love life but hardly tenderness is found in him. It is difficult to select a partner for him because by the trait of his character Lo man indulges more in casual relationship than a permanent one. Once he has made a choice he in no point to change his preferences as stated by the trend of horoscope Leo love life.

Leo women are gracious, sensual, and upright in nature, they are complete woman who possess a class of her own but she never likes to be wooed by a romantic fool. They expect their men as great as their imagination, although Leo women are not after cheap stunt of money they are influenced by class and pedigree. Leo women are irresistible for their elegant feminine charm and they can have many admirers surrounding them. But belong to one they remain loyal to their partner. Loyalty is another typical characteristic of Leo and Horoscope Leo love and loyalty are predominantly seen in Leo women.

Leo women in general can be a good wife and good mother But Leo women never allows any ornamented facts, they like to get sincere and passionate compliments from their male partner. If a Leo woman is treated tenderly she can be a good and lively wife and a loving mother, and if necessary a good host, courteous enough, for her guests. Leo woman provides adequate space for her partner but anyhow the space is mis-utilized she will never accept you as per the general trend of horoscope Leo love life is concerned..

Leo men is an undisputed leader, but in most of the cases, are dominated by their wives in the home front; however, if the home front is not adequately proportionate to his vigor and passion Leo man may act as tyrant. On the other hand, Leo women will love her husband, will care for him, but will never worship him; she is loving mother but in return she will also expect her children to love her and respect her in every spheres of life.

Compatible partner for Leo is Sagittarius, Aries, Libra, and Aquarius and Leo should try to avoid partnership with Taurus and Scorpio as per the horoscope Leo love factor is concerned.

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