Horoscope compatibility is the result of a deep and long research in astrology. As the birth of a person is distinct for the planet position, so also the compatibility with other persons is distinct considering these zodiac sings. This happens because the person born in a certain planet position is influenced by this. Different zodiac sigs are created for these various positions presumable around the year. Now people under one particular zodiac sign generally share common characteristics. So there is left a great scope to discuss the compatibility of certain characteristics with another, and thus the people of a particular zodiac sign with another.

The horoscope compatibility is not only applicable for love relationships, but also professional relationships as well. It can be even between friends or relatives or neighbors. The compatibility is determined by few factors and elements that dominate the relationship between different persons. Among the various other elements and factors there are four basic elements and five planets that are most influential. The four basic elements are –

  • Fire
  • Air
  • Water
  • Earth

The five planets that control the horoscope compatibility factor between two persons are –

  • Mercury
  • Moon
  • Venus
  • Mars
  • Sun

When judging compatibility, you need to consider both of these planets and elements together. However the elements can also be separately judged. Each zodiac sign represents one of the four elements, and thus certain traits. In this way one zodiac sign may be especially compatible with another. For example, fire and air go together very well, as air works to excite fire and give fire a special energy to utilize his capabilities. Also earth and water are well compatible. Earth works as the power the shapes and channelizes the water. Thus the horoscope compatibility is determined through zodiac elements.

Also there are five main planets that rule over the compatibility factor. Mercury is known to be the planet for communication, moon the emotional strength, Venus determines the aesthetic and artistic compatibility, Mars will show the physical compatibility and Sun provides for temperamental compatibility.

In horoscope compatibility, each planet is associated with a particular element. A compatible mercury exists when the mercury of both of the persons are either in same element or in compatible elements. Thus two people who have their mercury in water will feel most free to communicate and they will suffer less from misunderstanding, lack of communication and thus lack of feeling. Also, if a person’s mercury is in fire, and another person’s is in air, then also they will share a good communication; and what more in this case the companionship of air mercury will prove to be highly beneficial for the fire mercury.

On the other hand, if one person has fire mercury and another person has water mercury, the compatibility will not be that great. This is because water will always try to extinguish fire, and fire will not feel free and safe to communicate with water. Thus the other four planets as well as other factors determine the horoscope compatibility of two persons.

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