I have seen a few haunted videos in my day to make my socks stand on end. These are videos that I would rather not talk about for various reasons. I think that anyone that understands the paranormal can tell you that a haunted video is something that makes you say, “what”. I think that a video of a ghost is the most shocking evidence that you can have on the topic of ghosts. When you see an image of a spirit, it really makes you wonder how the spirit can see you and why it wants to make its presence known. It’s interspersing to me that spiritual beings are with us and we cannot even see them.

Animals can often see what a haunted video can see. Our eyes cannot see it, but just watch any animal and you will see that its eyes run from the presence of spirits. Some animals will make funny noises or run. Many dogs will just start barking at completely thin air. It sees something that we cannot see and that’s what makes it all more interesting.

Many ghost hunters keep a collection of haunted videos in their homes and houses because they want to show that they know and understand the presence of evil and they are willing to show it to the rest of the world. Can we ever prove the existence of spirits? This is something that paranormal ghost hunters are trying to do as I write this story.

I have come to the conclusion that haunted videos are just a process of learning more about the supernatural. I learn something new every single time I see a ghost. Ghosts are all around us. We need to examine fully why they are trying to speak to us. I think that when we get clear explanation of what they want from the living or what they are trying to tell us, we can easily see that these spirits are here as a sign of something that the living cannot see yet.

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