I often watch the television show “ghost hunters”. I love it when the paranormal investigation team goes into haunted mansions. These mansions are said to have the ghosts of the deceased owners living in them. Some of them have their stories to tell. I sometimes think that it may be their energies doing the talking on video. It’s almost like they have a story to tell and they want someone from the living to just listen to what they have to say. I wonder sometimes if we need to listen more clearly to what they are saying. You can usually just pick up a word or two. They don’t seem to talk in long sentences. They clearly want to be heard, but can only speak to the living in small ways.

Spirits have been speaking to us since the days of the Prophet Samuel, when he spoke to the witch to give a message to King Saul. Spirits are trying to speak to us. It’s hard to say when or why they speak to us. They seem to come out more so at night than in the day time. I wonder what makes them want to speak in the night?

If you are like me, you have probably heard of haunted mansions. I know that when I get these haunted images, I have to find out exactly what they are all about. Who sent them and why are they hear? I want to know everything.

Haunted mansions are not a thing of the past. They seem to be a place for the living to go and investigate. Many home owners of these mansions are said to hear voices in the middle of the night. They cannot sleep properly because they seem to be catching some spiritual images. They can hear a spirit screaming or talking in the hallways of these large homes. These are unexplained occurrences that seem to keep the living aware that they are still around. No matter how many house blessings they get, the spirits just don’t seem to want to leave. It’s hard to say if we will ever experience a clean house again.

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