In astrology, Gemini is portrayed as twin babies and predominantly, this zodiac sign is influenced by Mercury. According to astrological myth, Mercury is the messenger of god thus Gemini people are attributed with fines sense of communication; highly intelligent in nature, eloquence, diversity, travel likings, proneness for changeability, and infinite inquisitiveness marks the general character of Gemini. In Gemini Horoscope love and relationship is very intricate factors as this factor is deeply motivated by the communicating ability of Gemini people.

Wednesday is the lucky day and silver or gray color is the lucky color of Gemini people. Gemini people are fond of varieties and they do not like to be stagnant anyhow. Extremely intelligent by thought processing, these people always prefer to discover new vista of life. If we tend to gauge the love life of Gemini people we have to introspect on the Gemini horoscope love signs, its compatibility discomforts as well as the reason for such preferences.

By nature Gemini is little more dynamic than normal and that dynamic attitude is taken commonly as its restlessness .At the same time Gemini people are multi-tasker and this tendency of multi tasking proves them as extreme versatile personality which is differently assumed as dishonest or as a sign of frivoling character. In Gemini horoscope love and compatibility is also characterized by this trait of uncertainty and love for variety.

The character protocol of Gemini people are experiment as these people get easily bored very fast; as variety and versatility is the key theme for Gemini, Gemini people look for different options and this kind of restlessness in love life has marked Gemini horoscope love module by apparent ups and downs. Taurus is not compatible for Gemini, as Taurus is very much protective in nature, Gemini people find then too slow; Cancer they found too boring and stable; and with Leo, although they found compatible in the beginning, the relation does not last generally due to autocratic nature of Leo.

Gemini people like to be pampered and they found perfect pair with the signs who can understand the versatility of their character and keep pace with their changing theme constantly. In this aspect,, Gemini horoscope love and emotional relationship supports and promotes relation with Libra and in the long run with Aquarius because these two zodiac signs can understand and accommodate with the changing creed of Gemini. Gemini people by any means should not try to establish romantic relationship with Pisces, because Pieces are too emotional for Gemini and Gemini people may have a tendency to hurt their feeling without apprehending any intentional malice for it.

As this zodiac sign is influenced by Mercury, air is the pre-dominant ingredient and the character of air dominates their activities. This is the reason Gemini people are good in communication, they like to be informed about their whole surroundings and at the same time they can look into two three matters easily. Like air Gemini people are careless in nature, it is tough to hurt them but they can hurt others sentiment without much care even unintentionally. Their carelessness and tendency to get bored keeps their love and marital life at high risk zone and in Gemini horoscope love life is often consider transient and possibility of divorce recurs more and more by default. So proper pairing in case of Gemini is essential.

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