The complete power of the internet was only understood after it saw millions of people logging in and creating their profiles to exchange information. This explosion of a captive audience which has the potential to be online in real time was an opportunity for the marketers which had been waiting to happen. The overall numbers were increasing so fast everyday that internet marketers just could not afford to sit back and miss the bandwagon. The core was that the faster you got online the better it was as in any case your competitors would get the consumers attention. In this mad scramble a lot of consumer products driven companies came up with their internet identities and pollinated the consumers with their product campaigns and brand promotions. This resulted in a huge amount of traffic flow to the marketers websites and justified their spends in the internet cyberspace. This could not have been ignored by the movie producers of every format.

They came up with a blockbuster idea; free online movies. These free online movies revolutionized the concept of content delivery to the consumers directly in their homes in a private manner. The free online movies concept thus presented a huge base of consumers to the movie producers directly. They were able to now show a small preview of their products on offer to the consumers and convince them of their quality on offer. The consumers on the other hand flocked to the websites where the maximum amount of content was offered in the form of free online movies. The marketers had to then decide where to stop the free online movies offer and migrate the consumers to the paid format of movies. This was a tricky question as consumers were more than willing to log into other websites the moment one went paid. Therefore the need of the hour was to maintain a mix of free online movies as well as the paid ones. Some of the smart marketers came up with even better plans. They broke down free online movies into portions and showed each portion separately. The consumer was then gently nudged at the end of each free online movies part to migrate to the paid format for better video quality as well as full uninterrupted length of movies. The paid format was further sweetened with the offering coming in high definition mode and the nonstop content flow with dedicated server point.

The free online movies were still a function of the user arriving at the website and then using the links. Therefore the next step required for free online movies to grow further was to develop mail teasers for free online movies. These mail teasers used to land up in the email boxes of millions of consumers in one go and used to play a tantalizing teaser of the free online movies on offer. Therefore they drive an additional wave of consumers who came to the website to log in. Then again the second cycle took over which gradually migrated the consumer to the paid format. Thus consumer traffic was generated at some remote location but flowed to the targeted website before it got distracted by any other competitive free online movies. 

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