The world experienced a new and ultrafast medium of information exchange with the birth of the internet. The information exchange was in all formats whether it was a greeting card to a food technique and even to the extent of business plans across the globe. Therefore the internet found uses for itself as and when new users logged on. These new users came with different demands of information. Some wanted to see their friends on vacation and others wanted to see their videos of fun. Therefore the internet made a leap of allowing media upload for people to share and have fun. This also meant that people were now also allowed to share music and enjoy it online from others as well. This was a revolution in the form of free music. Free music suddenly brought out people connecting from the eastern extremities of the planet to the west and suddenly the great divide seemed to have been mapped for once. The advent of free music saw some of the most famous songs of all times being uploaded on to the internet for the music lovers to download and enjoy.

The biggest advantage that free music brought to the world of music was that people who had conserved some of the oldest songs were also able to put up their collection for the other music lovers on the internet. Thus free music ensured in a manner that some of the oldest songs and music of the classic era are not lost to time and are available once again in digital format. History was preserved as well as made at the same time in the online cyberspace spread across continents. Free music also helped people to obtain music for their listening free of charge and to some extent also learn the various styles of music in the world. The most positive action of free music was that it inspired many a shy singer to develop the confidence to come forward and experiment on some songs according to their voice.

However free music was not very pleasant for everyone involved in the music world apart from the music lovers. The artist who sang the song or the composer that created the music liked by everyone got shortchanged in the process. Their earnings were linked to the number of albums sold and therefore they suffered directly with the crash of album sales and the rise of free music downloads over the internet. Free music also affected the people engaged in music distribution business. Many of them had to close shop over a period of time as free music was available at any time of the day, anywhere and completely free. Surely there was no way of beating that. Thereby the music industry took up the cudgels to counter free music. They realized the power of the internet and came up with free music versions in lucky draws on their websites; thereby building a fan base. Then they also communicated on a cultural level to the free music lovers; appealing to their most basic love for music and respect for the artist. 

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