The internet has set free the world of possibilities and the imagination of the human mind. One of the most important areas of its impact has been the world of music. The natural human tendency to share and tell about a beautiful work of art can be seen in a number of places as the music world. Whenever a new song which touches the hearts of people is released then the song quickly finds its way onto the internet in the form of free mp3 music download. Thereby the song is shared by one enthusiastic music lover with thousands of others across the world. This may lead to some popularity also coming the way of the person doing the upload. Some of the people who keep this chain alive do so by completing the free mp3 music download.

In this entire scenario the only person who is forgotten is the artist and the record label. It may at times seem that the people doing the free mp3 music download are trying to hurt the mega music companies which have earned in millions as profits. Though this may seem true to the diehard free mp3 music download fan; it does come across as being not sensible to the average mature music lover. They are able to understand that free mp3 music download only hurts the music lovers in the long run. The music labels who suffer due to this activity have no other option but to cut back on the distribution as well as the artist’s fees. Therefore the very people who love that artist very much are actually harming them to such an extent that one day they may not even find it to their liking to sing further. That would be one of the fall outs of the simple act of free mp3 music download. The record labels have also woken up to the power of the internet to propel free mp3 music download.

They have approached this problem on twin fronts. Firstly they went back to the fans themselves. The approach was to counsel and explain to them the affects of free mp3 music download and the manner in which it was hurting the industry. The online question was also answered in time. The record labels brought out online promotions of their songs on their own websites. Now the music lovers could simply log on and enjoy the music in online locked players or the same could be purchased on a per song basis as well. This gave the music lovers the distinct advantage of not having to buy the entire album and thereby save on the cost of buying. Therefore the music labels came to terms with the only method to fighting back free mp3 music download was to convince the music users to graduate to paying for good music in the legal manner. The other approach was to set an example in legal terms for people who persisted with free mp3 music download. This was accomplished through digital tracking of people who were in the regular habit of distributing for free and the numbers of instances were logged in for evidence, followed up with heavy fines and legal fees charges. These steps have slowed down the free mp3 music download but not stopped it completely as after all free mp3 music download is music to the ears of many. 

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