The internet has the entire world closer in the true sense. The tremendous ease afforded by the internet for people to communicate with each other is something legendary which was not available earlier ever. Therefore the next step for the internet users was to logically start using the internet to exchange various pictures of themselves. It gave the internet as more personalized feel and appeal. Then the internet allowed the users to further exchange video files in order they could enjoy each other’s entertainment. This was however limited to a few users only who had the capacity and the bandwidth to exchange the video files with each other. The real revolution was still waiting to happen.

It happened in the form of the free download music sites. The free download music sites were a simple idea which allowed the users to just exchange the audio files which they were not allowed earlier. The free download music sites did not even require people to be registered on the site. If you wanted to exchange a music file on the free download music sites all you had to do was to be online with another person and through your internet address the files could be exchanged. However some people objected to the privacy requirements not being met on these free download music sites. Therefore the free download music sites graduated to making registration compulsory for the users. This helped keep a record of which users were sending what audio files to each other. The bigger purpose was that the free download music sites could track for the most popular music files which were being exchanged. This served as the feedback tool for the radio stations and other free download music sites.

The free download music sites came across as a tool of information capture as well as data analysis. It was the new thing which fascinated the industry to see the music files being tracked in real time. Therefore they could even plan down to the last detail as to which tracks to run in what time slots. The radio station started buying the data from the free download music sites immediately. The shopping malls and the retail stores also wanted to know what songs to play which are the most popular so that people stay in longer. They paid for the data as the link between music and purchase behavior was also established. The music stores on the other hand established complete support for the users to log in on these websites and thereby popularize music usage even further.

The free download music sites also gave birth to a profession of the new generation. They started to use the songs played in yesteryears, download them and make remixes of them in order to exchange them further. Thereby they became to be known as disc jockeys. These disco jockeys became the stars of nightclubs and party hangouts. The free download music sites set fire to the imagination of the new generation which discovered its love of music again.

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