Those of you, who are born in between 24th of October to 22nd of November, are considered in tropical astrology as Scorpio. Before you get your free daily horoscope for Scorpio, you must know its basic characteristics. Scorpio belongs to the house of number 8 in the Zodiac distribution of the astrological signs. This is one of the four signs in Zodiac, which is considered to be fixed. It is a feminine negative water sign, carrying its class traits of reclusion.

Before the discovery of Pluto, ‘the dwarf planet’, Mars was considered to be the dominant planet of Scorpio. Along with Pluto or mythological Hades, Scorpio is also associated with Orpheus of Greek myth and Ares of Greco-Roman myth. Before the equinoxes procession it was considered to be originated from the constellation of Scorpius.

Now know your traits before getting the free daily horoscope for Scorpio. Being a Scorpio, you are highly imaginative and powerfully passionate. Your strong determinism sometimes takes the shape of inflexibility. However your persevering attitude oozes your self-confidence and leaves a deep influence among others.

The deterministic character of this sign of Zodiac is associated with the scorpion, the phoenix and the snake – the three main animal symbols. These three symbols present various stages of personal strength. Before you take a look at your free daily horoscope for Scorpio, you need to see beneath these prevailing characteristics through which you will be more successful to judge your daily success and failure.

Scorpio also likes mystery and magnetism. People belonging to this specific zodiac sign have a secretive aura with reserved or withdrawn tendency. They however like to live a life full of activities, and they prefer to be recognized for their strategic procedures. Also they simply love to win. But over compliments may make them irritated, as they also do not trust any stranger easily. They hate to be analyzed or being confronted with personal interrogation. They also find it difficult to accommodate with someone who likes to receive a leadership treatment.

The free daily horoscope for Scorpio professional life is supposed to be excellent for those who are involved in analytic, researching or investigative jobs, such as psychologist or market analyst, investigator or pathologist, scientist or lawyer, researcher or business owners etc. In matters of love life, Scorpio is deeply passionate with intense feelings and deep and profound emotion. They are generally loyal, at times even devotional. Being highly sensitive, they are rather extreme with willful enthusiasm and brooding resentfulness. Their ambition and determinism are their power. They are also highly sexually active and consider sex in high regards. Generally they are most compatible with Pisces, Cancer and Taurus.

It is predicted that the free daily horoscope for Scorpio will store a lot of surprise in future. A wide recognition and mounting wealth will brighten up the future, but also you have to confront with a seclusion and solitariness, for the sake of your busy working attitude and schedule. However, a good balance between personal and professional life will bring forth the happiness and peace that you desire for.

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