Leo is ruled by Sun who is the cynosure of galaxy; Sun is infinitely bright, storage of energy and makes other live. These attributes are applicable in case of a lady Leo—she is gracious, beautiful, liveliness and ingenuity, elegance, and sensuality are her special traits of character that makes her irresistible for opposite sex. If she stands in a crowd, she will never be with bandwagon but slightly apart due to her indomitable sprit and uprightness.

The basic character trait of female Leo horoscope is little arrogant, slightly proud, intelligent; strength, wit, talent, and elegant feminine charm are her part and parcel of character.

Leo women are difficult to dominate rather it is impossible to dominate her. They are liberal in their heart and always gives warm space to other where the courtesy of concerned. But they are caring about their family, once they feel any malice in the outsider they never spare them. Female Leo Horoscope shows them as loving mother and loving partner. She is complete woman and she expects her man to be real great. Leo woman will how her love, respect and concern for her partner but she cannot let other over power her, A Leo woman will never worship her man.

Leo women are very conscious about class and style; she is never after materialistic affluence but for a natural elegance that makes her slightly different than others. A Leo woman may look humble, shy, and soft type but she may stand alone in between all odds; if she can fight to the extent for her family and her children. Although a loving mother but she expects same love and loyalty from her children also. Leo woman are liberal in nature and they provide enough space for their partner. However, female Leo Horoscopes is marked for their natural grace and feminine charms; she may be adorable to her opposite sex but loyalty is her life’s breath. On contrary she expects same loyalty from her partner, if by any means she feels duped or cheated it is tough to control a Leo woman from attacking the intruder. Leo women are moved by sincerity and genuine compliments only and they never like shabby outlook.

A Leo woman resembles a lady lion and this majestic sign when get nurtured by true love, passion and respect she can do every minute thing to love and respect you. These people are predominantly ambitious, it is an utter foolishness to stop a Leo woman to pursue her career after her marriage and female Leo horoscope signs mark her passion for freedom and she can balance her personal and professional life. Female Leo horoscope signs are marked by her unique sense of proportion; at the same time she can be good mother, loving wife and caring host.

It is difficult to handle Leo women because of their complexity to maneuverity. Neither they are the subject to be dominated by their male partners nor can they be allowed to overrule the male partners in their conjugal life. That is why, female Leo horoscope signs are slightly disputable in their love life compatibility in general.

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