A lot of people fear death for one reason or another. Psychics all over the world are often confronted with questions about death and about life as well. If you are someone that is constantly looking for answers, then you can be rest assured that death is a natural part of life. We all fear it and it doesn’t matter how old you are. Many teenagers and children fear death as much as adults do. It’s a future that all of us cannot escape. If you are searching to find answers in your life right now, then I suggest you start looking deep within your heart because you can usually find a spiritual energy or force inside of you that is telling you to just calm down. I suggest that you listen to that voice from time to time.

God often speaks to our hearts throughout the day. Many people don’t usually know it or even understand it. You have to have an open eye to see what God is actually leading you to. Sometimes He may be speaking to you and you may not even know it or even understand it. In my opinion, you have to be completely open to whatever it is that God may be saying to you. I don’t understand everything always. I sometimes have to sit back and wonder how God is speaking to me and if I could really say something to help out my fellow brothers and sisters throughout the day as well. In today’s economy, everyone seems to be struggling. It doesn’t matter what life force you are coming from because a struggle is a struggle. I know that the rich and the poor are struggling alike in life right now. My suggestion is to just hold fast and do the best that you can. I believe that this tough economy is just a way of God showing us that we are not as in charge as we think we are. Sometimes we think that we have it all down pat and really we don’t. God is fully in charge and we have to see it for ourselves to learn more about us. We must realize that not only are we tested each and every day of our lives, but we are destined to do bigger and better things with our lives. Don’t let anyone or anything take you away from God. Even when money is tight, make sure that you spend your daily time and devotion with God. I think that when we do that, we learn how to handle ourselves. The economy can be a tough one and that’s why it’s so important for us to do right for ourselves. Take on any new challenges that God brings your way and always know that He is in charge. There is nothing that you can do to take God’s love away. No matter what situations I am under and in, God has always shown me that he is the boss.

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