If there is something a Libra loves, it is love. He lives on it in actuality. Normally an extrovert, but even if he is an introvert, his actions and words give his romantic and seductive nature away. And second to his love of sex, he is chiefly disturbed with values and has very strong opinions about as to how must a relationship should or shouldn’t be. Their most important ritual of courting is a thing they understand wholly.

As you are looking to attracting a Libra male, you find that it is mostly in the act of courtship that he looks like a pro and shines the most. When it at last moves forward into the levels of intimacy, he has problems. This is due to his naivety than relativity and is a problem while they are working on a relationship when it shows indications of discord and inconsistency. They mainly need a person in their life who knows to create a relationship that is fundamentally and deeply rooted in accord and fairness. They are never ever comfortable making all of the decisions, but are drawn to a companion who can be really decisive as well as good natured. Their emotional limits can be evident at times and not at other times, but they would rather talk much about themselves than be on their own and brood later.

As to being a friend they are very good at listening to logic of others, but overt emotional displays and tantrums are surely bound to unsettle them. Never the less, if a connected at each other’s hip coupling is appealing to you; this guy is the one for you for better or for worse and in all times.

First Approach: A good start for attracting a Libra male is to be forthcoming, gracious, lovely, light-hearted and amusing all at once. He is desirable of a relationship that honors his ardent need for perfect accord, parity and balance in a relationship that they want to take forward. Being well groomed and highly feminine in appearance is always a bonus as well as being to create a good impression, as he enjoys all that is about the female sexuality and image. The one thing he is not happy and crazy about are loud or overly violent types.

First Date: He is a shameless romantic and loves a people who indulge him always. Social events are always a pleasant and admirable arena, but so are candle light dinners. He wants to show you what a perfect good gentleman he is, so allow him to be. He’s a faithful lover, if you are bent on seducing and marrying him, he will readily accept. Nevertheless he does talk of having some of them traditional values, so if wedlock is what you seek ultimately, as you are attracting a Libra male, it is best to hang around.

Last Date: Speak like a truck driver in a foul mood. Refuse to dress in anything at all but dirty and torn blue jeans and a stained as well as crumpled T-shirt that says “Get Lost”. That’s if you want to lose him.

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