If we were in the age of computers when my downstairs neighbor was a gypsy, psychic, fortune telling mystic, I could have chatted online with her instead of her always making a house call on Sunday mornings to tell me how horrible my life was without her guidance. I could have simply walked away from my computer or opened another window to do something else.

Chat for free is usually one of the hooks psychics use to lure customers to their web page. There is nothing wrong with that as long as the offer is truly free. However, if it is an offer of free subject to a paid something else, it isn’t really free. Chatting online with a psychic can be fun and interesting. A lot of folks do it for pure entertainment purposes while others take heart to what they are told. And there is nothing wrong with that either. Psychics, like any other business professional, are all about providing a service to any interested party. They will do what they have to generate business and perhaps even try to persuade you that you need their service. Sometimes, an individual doesn’t know they should, need or want to consult a psychic for any purpose until they see an advertisement. That is the way of the business world. I tried an online psychic chat one time and it was fun. I looked up a psychic who has been in business in my area for over 40 forty years. When she first opened her Tea Room, the customers would have a sandwich and a cup of tea then a psychic reading. They still have their Tea Room but no longer serve lunch, just a cup of tea and a reading. They also have their online Tea Room and if the customer wants a cup of tea, it is recommended you make one before you log into the chat. This particular type of chat was open to 5 people. Either join the chat with four friends or ask to join a chat with four others. I was in a chat with strangers and I give the psychic credit for keeping everyone straight. When she asked for questions, we each bombarded her with several questions at once. Some were personal and some were crazy and fun questions. She answered each and every question without confusing anything. My questions were answered with some specific and some generic or general information. The specific information was pretty much on target. The others commented the same thing about their questions. The psychic didn’t know at first that we didn’t know each other, or so she said, but stated she thought we did not know each other. However, if we did know each other or ever meet in the future, we will all be the best of friends. Does she tell everyone that? I don’t’ know. It doesn’t matter to me one way or the other. An online good time was had by all.

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