In the world of mass e-mails and bulk mailing, wouldn’t it be wonderful to receive a message that’s just for you from the one closest to your heart? You don’t have to search for it, register and sign in, or be continuously logged in to receive it. It just comes to you, on its own, that small piece of folded paper with your loved one’s message and name signed just the way you knew it would be. There’s nothing like love notes to make your day.

Of course, it took someone to think it up and find a way to give it to you, and that’s the thrill and wonder of it. It’s quite a romantic gesture for a man or woman to do, and it’s a very tender expression of love and affection that warms the heart. The best of love notes are spontaneous. They come unexpectedly, and sometimes for no special reason at all but just because. Isn’t that wonderful? They’re quite timely, too, like just before an occasion like a birthday or an anniversary. Guys, with girls, it’s all about mood-setting, you know. Just rise to the occasion and build up to the moment by these thoughtful gestures of writing. It could make a whole lot of difference to your relationship, especially in those waking hours when you show how alive and aware you are of what’s going on.

They’re heartfelt. You just feel like saying it, and it comes from your heart. You don’t only know how you manage to put so much of yourself into three simple words, a one-liner, or a short verse, but somehow you do, and you’ve made your partner happier and stronger more than you’ll ever know. Changes come and go in a relationship and routines are a part of everyday life, but simple declarations of love profess a growing, deepening bond between the two of you.

Another wonderful thing about short, romantic notes is that they’re quick to pick up. Literally, we mean it would be so easy for your partner to find them right their by the bedside, the pillow, the coat pocket, or the bathroom mirror. You could add a flourish of drama to your love note by a trail of petals or a simple flower. You’re quite a master of strategy if you keep surprising your mate in this way and in many other innovative ways both of your would understand. That’s you very own personal touch. Figuratively, we also mean it’s so easy for your partner to pick up on the message you’re trying to convey, whether it’s outrageously funny, sincerely remorseful, or truly appreciative of the person. Sometimes it’s just a matter of how well you know each other, isn’t it?

The especially heartwarming thing about a love note is that it’s not sent to many; it’s sent to one. What could be more special than that? And behind those three words, the one-liner, or that short verse, you’ve said a million wonderful things about what the love and the person mean to you. That’s what love notes are for.

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