If you are between the ages of 18 and 95, you are probably finding dating to be very difficult in America and around the world. It’s difficult because men and women everywhere have lost their integrity towards one another. The lying the deception that men and women are playing on one another in this world is very deceptive and sad. If you are caught in a position where you just don’t know where to turn, you are not alone. Every day, people are caught up in a dilemma that often involves them having to turn someone away that they were once interested in. Perhaps it’s because you lost interest or hope that anything else can become of this. Perhaps you are the one that is being let go. Either way, it’s important to recognize that you need to have someone in your life that is going to be there permanently.

The Holy Bible is very clear when it says that we should not have intimate relations outside of marriage and we should not get divorced. This is extremely difficult for anyone living in the year 2009. However, we must look to the Bible and see why the dating world is so corrupt.

In reality, it is corrupt because people are trying to make their own rules as they go. The problem with making your own rules, instead of following those of the Holy Bible is that everyone tries to do things in their own way and then everything else around them just becomes one big mess. Yes, when everyone tries to do whatever they feel like, everything becomes one giant mess. This of course creates chaos and pain.

The more immoral of a society we become, the more pain we will see and feel. It’s important that you ask God what His will is before you decide to date someone. Developing a sensitive ear to the Lord is probably one of the best ways to deciding who the best person for you to date is and who actually the worst is. I think that when you make a conscious choice to obey God, everything in your life becomes more balanced. It’s interesting that people will practice the law of attraction when it comes to making money, but when it comes to obeying God, people don’t believe that it’s necessary any longer. That’s what you call making your own rules as you go.

Making your rules as you go has always corrupted society. When people begin to make their own rules instead of obeying the laws of the Holy Bible, everything becomes corrupt. Eventually the society ruins itself as we saw in Sodom and Gomorrah in the Old Testament. Obedience to God has always kept a society strong.

I remember the good old days in 1979, when marriage actually meant something and people got married for love and divorce was extremely uncommon. People weren’t sleeping around as much and God seemed to be center of the majority of the people. Then all of a sudden, the 1990’s hit and everyone just started doing whatever they felt like. That caused a lot of pain. Now it is not uncommon to hear of two people having relations one night and then the next day, they don’t even talk to each other.

My solution to this is to obey the laws of the Holy Bible. They will never steer you wrong. When you obey God, everything else around you just seems to balance itself out. Remember that God is fully in charge.

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