If you find yourself praying every single day and still feeling like nothing is being resolved in your life, then it means that your timing and God’s are in two different places. You may be feeling like God doesn’t listen and He is always listening and answering our prayers. However, certain things have to happen behind the scenes in order for you to see God’s whole plan.

God does not answer prayer quick sometimes because there is a lot more at stake happening behind the scenes. God has to often move the hearts of others to work with you so that you can accomplish your goal. You may have a dream of owning your own bakery. However, if you don’t have enough people working with you on this task, your bakery will most likely not make it. God says to offer your prayers up to Him. He is after all the creator of the world. Let the Holy Bible be your guide and let God’s speed be your speed. If you feel like your prayers are not being answers, it’s because God is listening, but something obvious cannot happen if you don’t allow God’s will to be done in your life.

Some people pray with the wrong motive in mind. Some people actually tell God what they want to have done. They may be telling God to make the person that they are obsessed with, love them back in the same way. They may be asking God to give them a certain business now so that they can be just as successful. This is praying with the wrong motive. Your prayer and your heart should always want to have God’s will and not your own will. When we ask God to give us His will, He does come through for us and He actually teaches us what we must learn in order to be successful in His eyes.

Your job today should be to check yourself. Is what you are praying for in line with the Holy Bible? Is what you are asking for really God’s will? Are you praying with the right motive? Are your prayers selfish to the point that you are only praying for what you want and not what God wants. As the Bible says, “Let God’s will be done.”

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