Our psychic lives become a huge part of God’s great plan. When we abuse sex, it will get the best of us. We cannot expect God to be nice to us when we have disobeyed his commandments. I’ve seen many people tell me that they have given up on life because of their hurtful feelings. I know that many of these people have gone through multiple sex partners. Does this sound like you? You need to readjust your spirit and become whole once again. I know that God’s eyes are upon you and you must not have any fear.

I have been a witness to the working miracles of Jesus Christ and I must tell you that the Lord does not play around. I know that at times you may wonder if God even cares. I must tell you that he does care for you and he loves you. I’ve known too many people who have complained and found no psychic answers. Many people feel like God does not know about their situation that they are in. I have to tell you that God knows all things.

On a lighter note, money has become a high statistic in the United States for couples breaking up. You don’t even have to be psychic to figure that one out. God has given me great wisdom into seeing why our lives are troubled by divorce. When two people decide to get a divorce, it’s often for financial reasons. Both couples want to get ahead financially and staying together often seems like a never ending road. I know that some people have to take accountability for what they do. Many people don’t think that they have to give into their spouses. I can tell you that if you don’t give into your spouse, you will never find happiness. I know that self love does not win. The more in love you grow with money, the further apart you will grow from God and your spouse. I often wonder why people want to have money so bad. If they have money, then they will need to have someone to share it with. They think that by divorcing, their spouse, their life will somehow be better off. I know that many people out there have the wanting and the craving to be involved with someone. I know that some people have better luck getting to know someone. I have met people who have fallen in love overnight and I know many people that date their partner for years before actually getting involved with them. It’s not easy to get acquainted with someone who is far away from you. I know that people in general have to make a complete effort to get involved with the people that they love and to remain involved so that they may have a blessed life.

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