The astrology symbols or glyphs are the signs of Zodiac, planets, the Sun and the Moon. Each Zodiac is related with an image and a story. Let us know about them one by one.

  1. Aries- Aries, the ram, is the first zodiac of the calendar which is depicted by horns of the Ram. Aries is a ferocious zodiac who is a pioneer.
  2. Taurus- Taurus or the bull is the first Earth sign. So its symbol is the horn of the bull. Bull is a cautious animal which stealthily approaches the success, so are the Taureans.
  3. Gemini- Astrology symbol of Gemini is two twin lines. Sun sign Gemini is ruled by Mercury. Gemini stands for duality in nature.
  4. Cancer- First Water sign Cancer is crab. The symbol for crab is breasts that represent caring and nurturing character of Cancer born people.
  5. Leo- Leo is lion whose astrology symbol is the valves of heart. Leo rules heart. Mane is regarded as the alternative symbol for Leo.
  6. Virgo- Ruled by Mercury, Virgo is associated with Virgin as the Virgo born people are associated with chastity and purity. The symbol for Virgo zodiac is almost same as Scorpion with the tail curled up inside.
  7. Libra- Libra stands for balance or justice. The symbol for Libra, as per astrology symbols is the setting sun. Libra is the Air sign ruled by Venus.
  8. Scorpio- Scorpio is a Water sign characterised by the symbol of Virgo but with the tail pointed outward. This tail trail signifies the inquisitive nature of Scorpions and tendency to dig deep inside in their area of function.
  9. Sagittarius- A Sagittarian is an archer. The characteristic of a Sagittarian is his or her encompassing nature by any means. Be it by knowledge or travel, Sagittarians try to cover all the walks. Astrology symbol of Sagittarius is arrows which are fierce and stand for truth.
  10. Capricorn- Capricorn is goat and is ruled by the Saturn. The symbol for this Zodiac is twisted horns of goats. Capricorn people are known for their intellectual pursuit and ambition. They love to endure traditions.
  11. Aquarius- This is the water bearer of Zodiac calendar, though it is the Air sign. Ruled by Uranus, the characteristic trait of Aquarians are originality with a touch of genius and there rebel nature.
  12. Pisces- The last sign of Zodiac calendar is Pisces is depicted by two fishes but swimming in different directions. This signifies the multi-tasking nature of Pisceans. Pisces is ruled by Neptune and thus Pisceans are known for their kind-heartedness.

Astrology symbols are the interpreting tools to depict the nature and characters of the people born in that planetary position, but also their prospective future, their area of interest and the spheres where they can excel. Though, not every astrologer sitting on streets and malls with crystal balls and tarot cards are reliable, but astrology science, indeed has a greater meaning and deeper understanding. So, though horoscopes are not to be treated as your key to sure success, but indeed it can guide you towards it.

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