Egyptian astrology is one of the most ancient forms of astrology. The Cairo Calendar is the main ingredient of Egyptian astrology. This calendar consists of the all the dates in an Egyptian year. The calendar list can be broken up into three major parts consisting of the days. The parts are as follows:

 Favorable and Unfavorable day  The mythological reference behind the favorable or unfavorable nature of the day  The last part prescribes a special behavior for each of those favorable and unfavorable days.

The Egyptians always listened to the advice of their astrologers. The papyrus of the Cairo Calendar reveals the allegiance of the people towards the predictions. For instance, if the calendar predicts the day to be unfavorable then the Egyptians never performed any important task on that day. Any kind of advice was taken and followed very seriously by the Egyptians.

The entire concept of a day being favorable and unfavorable was based on the beliefs of the Egyptians that the evil or the good spirits possess a day. They also believed that each of their deities ruled one of the days of the week.

According to the Egyptian astrology there are 12 zodiac signs all each of them are related to a god. The zodiac signs along with the related gods are as follows:

 The Nile and the Horus- these signs are related to the ancient god Ra. He is the most significant god in the Egyptian mythology. He is the master of the cosmos and time. Ra represents power and energy. He gives life to people. People born under this sun sign never have an ordinary life.  Bastet and Isis- this signs are related to the god Anubis. Anubis is the god of technology and invention. This god represents death and wandering of a soul. People born under this sign are witty, intelligent and compassionate. However, there is the presence of darkness in their lives. These characters are sometimes ambivalent.  Seth and Horus – Geb is the god with which these signs are related. Geb is the god of unity. Whatever oath is taken Geb presides over them and makes the ritual sacred. People born under this sign have extremely good memory and they are fit to become writers and administrators. They can also make a good career in counseling. These people are very attractive and impressive.  Geb and Bastet – Horus is the god with which these signs are related. Horus is the god of justice. He entered into a legendary fight with Seth. People born under the sign of Horus are tremendously intelligent, rebellious by nature and also possess a deep psychic ability.  Osiris and Thot – These signs are related to Isis. Isis is the god of love and life. She is a magician and she protects people and endows them with strength. People born under the sign of Isis display lot of strength and solidarity. The person is also very hospitable.  Ra and Thot – Mut is the god with which these signs are related. People born under this sign are secretive and melancholy. They are very shy, ironic and frustrated. They are failures in human relationships.

The Egyptian astrology is very rich and the astrologers can provide accurate predictions with the Egyptian astrology.

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