As you start analyzing compatibility for Capricorn and Virgo, you find that theirs will be a realistic as well as smart relationship. Both are mostly sane, and expect a lot for themselves as well as others. Virgo adores the other’s intensity and dedication, while the latter admires the former’s attention and intuition to detail. They are a solid pair based firmly on reality. Both are somewhat practical, and concerned with material comforts and security. Each likes “the world out there.”

Neither likes taking chances with time, energy, money or feelings. Both are dependable and a wee bit conservative. The both of you would do extremely well in the correct business. Conservative and ambitious Capricorn is a great friend, lover, partner, or family member for the conscientious, discriminating Virgo. Virgo is level-headed with an ability to analyze statistically. They are exceedingly selective and are known to inquire and examine frequently. Capricorn may find Virgo as methodical, practical and having natural money management abilities. This is another aspect that shows compatibility for Capricorn and Virgo.

This relationship boasts a strong groundwork that is built on a realistic approach to life. These signs don’t let their impulses or emotions take control. Virgo helps Capricorn to unwind a little and value all that they have strived to achieve. Capricorn helps Virgo achieve goals. They enjoy a very comfy life. Virgo likes doing stuff for others and is more of a donor than a taker.

Capricorn is resolute, cautious and reserved. When as a child, Capricorn’s personality was almost certainly mature for their age. With luck Capricorn’s life will improve and tasks will be more pleasurable over time. Capricorn can fail only if they give up. Capricorn was made for leadership and management.

Because they both are Earth Signs, it shouldn’t be difficult for them to agree on spending their spare time productively. Something that edifies the character and pleases the spirit through the senses can bring them together in cooking, gardening, or making love. Compatibility for Capricorn and Virgo sexually is high. They will enjoy working together on projects that are creative. They are hands-on people, much more interested in practicality than in theorizing. Both of you haven’t much time talkers, and respect successful people to the core.

Virgo ruled upon by Mercury and Capricorn ruled upon by Saturn. Mercury is all about communication. Saturn deals with discipline and hard work. Virgo shows Capricorn the merits of hard work and. Capricorn will teach Virgo regulation and the concentration needed to achieve their goals. This couple shares a life of eternal bliss.

Capricorn being a Cardinal Sign, the latter wants to be the force egging on the couple team. This doesn’t bother Virgo, because being a more Mutable Sign, they are further concerned about being a more supporting partner. This again speaks for compatibility for Capricorn and Virgo. They need Capricorn to heed their advice, and you won’t appreciate if anyone dismissed your opinions. If they stand up and demand some respect, they will most likely get it. Capricorn ruled upon by karmic Saturn. Mercury being the ruler, Virgo, helps Capricorn work cleverer rather than toil. This relationship is usually a spiritual and temporal one.

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