The Capricorn man is very difficult to get close because he is not extrovert or outgoing. He is basically determined and ambitious and has a lot of patience. Capricorn men normally prefer to be lonely rather than be in a company. But actually they are very shy to express their feeling. It might look as if they are not carried away by the compliment others make on them but their ears turn pink and eyes will sparkle. Generally Capricorn man does not know how to handle compliments and at times feel too self-conscious but want others to appreciate them.

The Capricorn man is romantic and when it comes to romance he is very faithful, dependable, and a painstaking person. On the other side he prefers to maintain his emotions and feelings. Even though they are very tough outside, they are very soft internally and are normally charming who likes to dream and seek appreciation. Their emotional intricacy and self-consciousness make them go for a steady relationship and never allow their romanticism influence their decision.

A woman feels secured and protected with a Capricorn man. They are romantic at heart but they are not expressive. He just wants his ladylove to know what he feels for her and he needs to be encouraged to come out of his protective shell and show his feelings and emotions for her. You cannot expect a Capricorn man to recite poems but if he is slowly tempted, he will show his love and express his romantic feel for his girl through poem. Capricorn men like to romance but they do not express it with flowers, chocolates, and gifts.

The Capricorn man gets better with age. He becomes more romantic and sexy, as he grows old; the best part is expressed at the end like a dessert at the end of a meal. He always prefers to be romanced with emotions. If his girl can show him that he is cared for, this is the best way to romance with this man. He doesn’t like his ladylove imposing her views on him. To have romance with Capricorn man, the girl has to adjust herself with his views. As romance builds between a Capricorn man and a girl, slowly he will try to find out the girls idea of romance and tries to reciprocate it accordingly.

A Capricorn man, at an early stage, if trained in the art of romance, then one can expect more romantic feel from him. Capricorn men are very conservative that make them feel men are born to rule this world and women are to be wives and mothers. So these men usually do not like women who are independent. Romance and love are part of Capricorn man’s life. With a gentle and loving heart, he gives more care to his girl all her lifetime. Capricorn man is always caring and even though if they don’t explicitly express his love to his girl, but he would always make the girl feel loved all the time.

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