Capricorn is the last earth sign in order and they are materialistic and very practical in approaching a problem. As a cardinal sign, they make lot of initiative and are motivated by self. Saturn is the planet that rules the sun sign Capricorn, which restricts the activities. Capricorn’s personal ambition is to attain a material objective that is modified due to practical reasons as they have their influence of Saturn.

The basic character of Capricorn is marked by a profound concern to advance them by executing the work that is expected from them. They are very much motivated towards the achievement of their own ends and not just be static observer and keep searching for order. They are always governed by a sense of responsibility towards themselves and others. This responsibility is exhibited by way of hard work and having attention to details. They always approach the problem directly and understand it thoroughly. Capricorn’s are not diverted by any fantasy; instead they have a clear view of what needs to be done and they go with the best way to go about doing it. To reach their goal and achieve their objective; they approach it along the lines known to them. If they find that this approach would not work, they would resort to a new method and it would be surprising to others.

They have certain Characteristics of Scorpio like the ability to work by themselves; very conscientiously and patiently, and make others feel that they are progressing very slowly. But they would make progress and they would consolidate on each step and would build a strong foundation for achieving their goal. They always have a firm mind and keep a sharp focus on their goal and not get distracted from it. They are most business like and this characteristic in them makes them take advantage of social gathering into one that can bring some material benefits to them.

Capricorn’s have lots of patience and energy and are you can never see them tired. This makes them achieve success in any project that they undertake. They are very cautious on their obligations to others and they take a practical approach in getting their work done from others. They are quick to pay their debts and expect the others to do the same.

They are clever and sure-footed as their emblem suggests and such individuals always want to get higher than their present position and nothing can get in their way to achieve it.This is one of the important characters that take them to places and make them achieve their goals.

Being practical and having a sound knowledge on things is the basic character of Capricorn. They are always motivated by their personal ambition and they seek to realize it in most careful and workable way. Their judgment on the value of experience ensures that they achieve their goal easily.

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