People with Capricorn as zodiac sign are often known as one of the most practical and ambitious in nature. These people are very loyal and often have unconventional viewpoints about their relationships with partners. They are always eager to take relationships to a higher level once they get committed. Capricorns are initially reserved in love relationships, but they are definitely capable to handle it. They are often closed-off, quiet and selfish about their relationships.

The best mate for Capricorn could be • Taurus • Scorpio • Virgo

The people with the above zodiac sign can bring a new dimension to the relationship that Capricorn’s would be expecting.

Taurus: The attraction between Capricorn and Taurus is instant as both are earth signs and they share lot in common. Both Capricorn and Taurus people look for the future than the present. Both these signs view sex as something more significant and will exhibit a good connection through it. This intimacy between Capricorn and Taurus make them come closer quickly. They want each other to be treated as friends, and it is not so easy for a Capricorn to do so. Since both the signs have strong nature they would bully the relationship. There are some adjustments to be done by both these stars to stay compatible. Capricorn should learn to be cool, if they want Taurean to be their best mate.

Scorpio: Scorpio is generally considered to be the best mate for Capricorn amongst all the sun signs.People born under Scorpio and Capricorn signs are generally passionate and emotional. Both Scorpio and Capricorn are very sex loving, ambitious and experimental in nature. They get attracted to each other very quickly, sexually and emotionally. Scorpio will look at Capricorn as a flower and they would like to open up and explore the relationship. The slower approach of Scorpio to the relationship adds a lot of comfort to Capricorn. Capricorn’s are slow to move and understand the relationship and once they are comfortable they make their move faster. The dominant character of Capricorn in all situations would be a cause of problem in the partnership. If Scorpions show that they are wiser under any circumstance, then this relationship can be the most fruitful one.

Virgo: The people with zodiac sign Virgo are hard working and focused like Capricorn’s and so they could be one of the best partners to each other. The nature of Virgo is very attractive to Capricorn’s and they feel very comfortable in advancing their move with them. They admire each other and have a strong sexually intimate relationship. Both have a high intellectual capability and would have a strong relationship if they are treated equal. If any one of them try to dominate the other then it would strain the relationship.

Even though the best mate of Capricorn is Scorpio, Taurus and Virgo, there are other matches to Capricorn like Pisces, Capricorn and Libra, but are less preferred. These relationships may not be successful in the long run. Relationship’s can be successful with Capricorn’s if they have stronger influence on them.

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