Astrology history dates back to the earliest recorded human accounts of the past. One of the earliest evidences are found in Great Britain and France. Nearly 7000 years ago, people used to build stone circles as a part of the astrological and astronomical calculations.

The birth of modern astrology as per the astrology history began with the Mesopotamian and Sumerian civilization, where the people believed that the celestial bodies have distinct connections with the good harvest of their crops. They also used to observe and recorded the influence of the different celestial bodies on their crops. They could also predict the phases of moon in advance and time was calculated accordingly which was also incorporated in their own calendars.

The main celestial bodies observed were the five planets such as the three inner planets Venus, Mercury, Mars, and the two outer planets Jupiter and Saturn. These planets were usually observed at night and their positions were noted down, record the changes. The movements of these planets were correlated with the events on earth.

The Greek civilization added to the development in astrology around 500 to 600 years before the birth of Christ. The pathways of the planets were called as Zodiac. The movements of the planets and the eclipses were observed more keenly at this time.

The early astrology history suggests that in the ancient times the prediction were for war, natural disasters, famines, and floods. Even the astrologers of that time use to prepare horoscope of the leaders. Slowly with the advent of trade and commerce between the flourishing civilizations the astrological knowledge were propagated to India, China and Egypt.

At the same time as recorded in astrology history, it was also being developed in America. The Mayan civilization had a very well framed astrological influence on their culture. Their architecture was very much influenced from the knowledge of astrology.

The Greeks were the first to include their own gods and goddesses into the field of astrology, and Romans propagated the astrology in the form of foretelling the events of the future and introduced the names familiar to us today.

The first books on different aspects of astrology were written Ptolemy in Alexandria. Those two books were known as Tetrabiblios and Almagest. Both the books described the various forces that surrounded the earth and the external forces originating from the other planets and how these forces influence the life on earth.

According to the astrology history the books also recorded the benign powers and how those were related to individual human beings rather than countries. From then the astrology became accessible to all people who could bear the expenses. Individual horoscopes were prepared for them based on the time of birth, the planetary positions at the time of birth, and several other things.

In the present day the astrologists are still carrying on telling people about their future based on these age-old methods from the ancient times. People show huge interest on astrology and the sun signs. Most of the astrology-based updates are provided in the new dailies, magazines, emails, and even mobile phones.

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