This month’s Aquarius monthly horoscope states that you will observe a gush of energy. You would want to complete all your pending work. By resolving important issues from the past you will feel a personal fulfillment. You just need to take some time out from the daily jostle of your life and ponder on yourself, your aim and the path you would follow to achieve that goal.

This is the time for self indulgence as forecasted by Aquarius monthly horoscope, a time to do something for you but many may also take to self pity or brooding. One has to consciously pull oneself away from any negative thoughts and give a healthy process of thinking about oneself. Do not get overburdened by trying to sort out things. The sun is lightening up the first house from the middle of this month which means that you will be concerned with your personal identity, appearance, habits, nature and anything and everything related to you.

Now is the time to start a new solo venture suggests Aquarius monthly horoscope. You are loaded with confidence and this rejuvenated energy of yours will attract others. Take full advantage of this situation to make a long lasting impression on others. This is the happiest time of the year where you will encounter a completely different you. You will be able to see things in a different light and find solutions easily with direct approach. The creative side of your nature will gain prominence.

According to Aquarius monthly horoscope you might feel that you are becoming selfish but that self interest up to a certain limit can be tolerated and overlooked. It’s the time for extending your horizons. There might be some concern regarding your health, try to sort it out quickly no matter how busy you are. By the end of the month you will witness a sudden inflow of money. You might enjoy simple pleasures of life. Career wise this is a great month to get into a new job. This is the time when you will get noticed so whatever you are doing give your level best to it. Highlight all the qualities you have because this is the time for self promotion.

You will come close to your friends or a special friend. You might at certain times mix your professional life with personal life. You would hesitate to make new acquaintances but feel more comfortable and would want to stick to the old ones for security. Aquarius monthly horoscope predicts that Moon is in your solar fifth which means that romance is in the cards. Take some time out of your busy schedule for those with whom you could be your true self and make merry. Do the crazy things you never did before. Lucky stones to enhance the fortune of an Aquarius are Opal and Aquamarine. Your lucky numbers are 8, 3, 22 and 24. Colors which suites you best are all the shades of blue and black.

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