Aquarius stimulates Leo but in a manner like opposites attract each other. When the Uranus of Aquarius and the sun of Leo combine then it spells change, variety, communication, travel. Generally Aquarius and Leo is opposite signs and though they might find an initial strong attraction for each other it may even turn up into a very strong dislike. Aquarius and Leo both have fixed opinions and are stubborn in nature and hence it will result in the clash of wills and in turn will result in a break up or a big disagreement. Sometimes Aquarius may behave in a very strange manner in many unexpected time which may be very strange for Leo. Aquarius is the sign of friendship and Leo is the sign of love so they might also form a very good combination.

Aquarius and Leo have a very good compatibility with each other though it may turn out be an opposite force in a matter of time. Aquarius knows that to get a job done by Leo one has to compliment Leo and Leo will then definitely accept his request. Both Aquarius and Leo tend to look at the overall picture of life, many things get overlooked. Aquarius is entertained with Leo’s antics, interesting stories and tales all the time. The sign of Leo is fire and that of Aquarius is air. So the resulting combination will be a flame which will be very hard to extinguish. It will be a long lasting relationship.

Aquarius has many real ideas but they don’t push it forward to make it real as Leo does. Both Leo and Aquarius have great pride on their independence and conflicts may arise when Leo becomes more demanding or Aquarius becomes more aloof. The main thing in this combination is that as long as Aquarius and Leo communicate with each other, things will be okay else they will go out of hand. When Aquarius and Leo get together in a relationship then Aquarius’ foresight and Leo’s creativity will make other people take notice of them. Aquarius and Leo are both fixed signs, even though they may be natural partners ego conflicts may arise and this happens mainly when their authority is questioned. Leo appreciates Aquarius undivided attention.

Aquarius is friendly and likes people but when they are emotionally needy the Aquarius needs some space. Leo is ruled by sun and Aquarius is ruled by Uranus and Saturn. These three planets form a sort of cycle and are indicative of the Leo-Aquarius partnership, and their ability to come together to form new institutions. Uranus is a planet of new ideas and creativity and Aquarius gets its foresight from this. Following up Uranus inspiration, sun’s energy goes on to new things. Basically Leo is physical and Aquarius is mental. Aquarius has a special talent to develop tremendous social skills and they can be developed to bring some peace. If Aquarius gets impatient with Leo’s constant need for adulation, problems may become unmanageable and will lead to crisis in the relationship. Once settled Leo and Aquarius form a great partnership and flames of love burn bright.

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