There are many 900 numbers for psychic in the world today.  The 900 psychic numbers started in the 1980’s with the Miss Cleo psychic hotline.  Everyone remembers Miss Cleo.  She was the Jamaican psychic who used to say, “call me now for your live psychic reading.”   Her psychic energy just captivated audiences across the

United States of America

and she was able to show people that she meant business and that she was for real.  She wanted to let others know that she was the real deal. 

In today’s modern day society, the 900 number has been replaced by the 800 psychic hotline numbers.  This is because a person’s phone bill used to get charged for the “free call” and it wasn’t free.  The call was usually .99 cents a minute and up.  The customer would get ripped off thinking that they were getting a free psychic reading and in reality, it was not free at all.  Only around 2 to 3 minutes of the phone call was free and the rest of the call was charged to them by the minute.   The 800 number that psychic companies now use will charge a persons credit card.  Most psychic websites are very secure in the sense that they require you to create a user account and to verify your account information and security access code before you are even allowed to speak to one of their psychics.  The psychic hotline has now become very strict and the clients know that if they are going to get a live psychic reading, then they are going to have to pay for it with their credit card.  Some psychic companies still use a 1-900 number, but most are using the 1-800 number.

Since the beginning of the internet, many psychic websites have started offering their clients a psychic chat online reading.  This means tat you have the option of offering a psychic reading through chat instead of talking to someone on the telephone.  Some psychics actually like this better than a phone reading because it allows them to connect to a psychic client faster and easier.  It’s just a website away from you connecting with a live psychic reader from anywhere in the world.  However, the 900 number is still being used by many psychics and their clients.  It is a high risk for psychic companies to offer you this, but in reality, if a person doesn’t have a credit card, then they cannot get a live psychic reading.

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