The most important possession we as a Northern European People’s have is that our kids.

We’re presently in the 21st century, therefore we have to get a new method to educate our kids about the Runes, their ancestors, their faith and their origins.

The very best method to educate the legacy and culture of our ancestors into our kids is to educate them how to utilize the Runes.

Not in the older style bloodstream, vengeance, war, bias way.

But in a smart manner. In a magical manner.

The entire world is alive and evolving. We’re supposed to continue to evolve. Our kids are now evolving.

We no more have to conceal our mythologies as well as the runes in mysterious allegory.

The Legislation of Quantum Physics have shown us the way the world functions. How we operate. And the connection between us.

Everything that was, is or will be is present within an infinite sea of energy known as the Quantum Ocean or The Head of God.

Even the runes, the gods/goddesses, our ancestors still exist within this timeless, spaceless infinite sea of energy.

And today we understand how to entice the power of the runes, the wisdom of this gods/goddesses as well as the secrets of our ancestors from their Head of God Quantum Ocean, and to our own lives.


Each of radionic magic is dependent on 3 functioning principles.


A SYMBOL (What exactly is it you want to perform?)

A TARGET (Where would you like the energy out of the quantum sea to proceed?)

Our Minds are the Power Resource. Ideas create.

Our Runes will be the Symbols. Runes are keys into the energies at the Mind of God, Quantum Ocean.

Our bodies (air ) are our Goal. Where the energies will proceed.

By looking in and meditating to a Runic symbol, you really touch it. Your brain makes a connection with the power of this rune from the Mind of God.

Instantly, (there is not any time from the Mind of God,” Quantum Ocean) a stream of the runic energy strikes us and matches our air.

We finally have that runic energy inside us and it will draw its LIKE to our own life.

You will find 7 magic and particular Runes that every child can use throughout the program pg their everyday lives.

RUNE FA —– To Get Assistance

RUNE THORN —– For Defense

RUNE KA —– For Armor

RUNE MAN —– For Masculinity (For men kids )

On your own way, (all kids are different) inform your kids that Odin is the god of the ancestors. He lives in the Mind of God.

Inform the kids that Odin gave us the magic runes as a present. The runes are magic keys which unlock the energies at the Mind of God.

Inform the kids they can utilize these magic runic keys within their own lives for aid, health, security, creativity, achievement, and guts.

Make every child a little set of runes, lamanated to take together.

Inform the children that every of those runic keys unlocks a specific energy they can use today. While at college, home or in play.

RUNE FA —– For assistance in almost any situation that arises throughout the day.

RUNE UR —– For curing energy anytime they feel exhausted or away or have hurt themselves.

RUNE THORN —– For security any time throughout the day.

RUNE KA —– Anytime they will need to raise their imagination or be motivated.

RUNE SIG —– To help them succeed in whatever they try.

RUNE TYR —— To maximize their guts when they want it.

RUNE MAN —— To make them more masculine when they want it. (For male kids )

RUNE YR — To make them feel feminine when they want it.

Inform the kids that if they feel the need for a Specific energy, to take the rune from the pocket and hold it in both hands and emotionally state:

“I’m currently stripping the (in the event of this UR rune) the healing power of RUNE UR from this Mind Of God and to my setting.”

Tell the kids to perform it twice.

Then let them discuss their manner together with the confidence that the runic energy is within their own setting and they’ll shortly feel it and also be in a position to utilize it.




You may even inform them they can breath-in every one of the 7 magic runes before going to bed so they will always have a book of those energies inside them for immediate use.

I’ve given you only a broad summary. As you know your kids better than I do, you can look how that you discuss this information together in your personal way.

Bear in mind, our kids are our most important possession. They will need to understand in their culture, ancestors and gods/goddesses.

The 7 magic runes will take action.

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