The idea of the’Greys’ as a’flesh-and-blood’ complement into the metallic UFO is connected with the Roswell UFO occasion (July 1947) but that facet just surfaced over thirty decades after. Meantime the’Greys’ came into the fore independently using all the UFO abduction phenomena which post-dated Roswell however pre-dated the renewal of the Roswell event as a leading UFO case. Although IMHO Roswell is important despite the’Greys’, the’Greys’ nonetheless remain a significant aspect of the contemporary UFO debate.

The narrative of the Roswell episode only resurfaced after two weeks in the public eye (minus alien figures ) in July 1947 together with the book of”The Roswell Incident” by Charles Berlitz* & William Moore in 1980,” which means that the powers-that-be almost got off with the Roswell cover-up and deception. Nevertheless, they did not rely on eye-witnesses coming from the cupboard when they had one foot in the grave and consequently had little to fear by Uncle Sam and violations of the security oaths.

Betty and Barney Hill didn’t understand about Roswell, and not any potential Roswell extraterrestrial bodies. However, their description of those aliens that supposedly abducted them for more than two hours game perfectly with all the article 1980 revelations and descriptions of the Roswell aliens. Please clarify this curious winner! Sceptics will counter the”Greys” are engrained within our pop-culture, hence no denying need be input into.

Calling all sceptics, please mention me one picture, 1 TV series, one comic novel, 1 sci-fi book, 1 anything that showcased the classic’Grey’ alien before the Betty and Barney Hill experience and following publicity in 1966. Sure, pop-culture featured a lot of an extraterrestrial being, but maybe not the’Greys’, at least not before 1966. Betty and Barney Hill’s’Greys’ weren’t affected by pop-culture. Maybe if there was this impact that the Hill’s could have reported Gort or even Robbie-the-Robot or The Blob or the Martians in the very first movie version of”The War of the Worlds”.

*I must point out to the interest of precision that Stanton Friedman was an un-credited co-author of this 1980 tome”The Roswell Incident”. The Berlitz title was essentially tacked on because of its public understanding and PR value. Berlitz contributed almost nothing to the contents which demanded leg-work and chin-wagging.


That doesn’t negate the testimony of Roswell witnesses what they detected were’Grey’ aliens. But that institution did not surface in the general public eye before 1980. The Betty and Barney Hill occasion wasn’t contaminated by any preceding understanding of aliens from the shape of the’Greys’.

Let us analyze this further. I have looked through all of my sci-fi in film and on TV novels and I can not locate 1 example of a theater’Grey’ before 1966, only extraterrestrials that are always human in appearance or celebrities from’alien’ plastic suits. Actually the 1975 telemovie of the event,”The UFO Incident” clearly featured celebrities in costume and did not seem like the’Greys’ whatsoever. There weren’t any’Greys’ in Flash Gordon or Buck Rogers.

Maybe had Betty and Barney Hill been British, then no doubt that their experience with alien abductors could have been Triffids or even Daleks or Cybermen or even the Ice Warriors or even Sontarans, the Zarbi or a single (or more) of these Quartermass alien beasties. Or perhaps not.

In fact the Hill’s were not familiar with sci-fi in any way. In case you need to decide on a stereotype least inclined to think of an alien’Grey’ abduction situation it’d comparable to that represented by Betty and Barney Hill.


My sceptical’buddy ‘,” Mr. Sceptic, implied the idea of the’Greys’ extended straight back to the first days of science fiction and so humanity were already saturated with this picture. Wow. Regrettably, that is pure bovine fertilizer. Can Mr. Sceptic actually think some mentioned little references that he came up from 1893 and 1901 (albeit one by H.G. Wells) so saturated that the sci-fi universe the”Greys” became the be-all-and-end-all of exactly what it had been an extraterrestrial?

Maybe Mary Shelley of”Frankenstein” fame was the mom, or fantastic grandma since she pre-dated Wells and Verne by several decades. Anyhow, I am convinced the mentioned 1893 article along with the 1901 book”The First Men In the Moon” by Wells were required reading in most English literature courses for American students and American civilization was saturated with things’Grey’. Or maybe not. A British article, also from H.G. Wells out of 1893 is barely likely to expand its own influence and permeate American culture from 1947 – now; let us get real.

Sure, H.G. Wells is well known, but not too for its 2 functions Mr. Sceptic mentioned. “The War of the Worlds” and”The Time Machine” and”The Invisible Man” position heads and shoulders over in the general perception of this movie and reading going public, not one of that includes the classic’Greys’.

The bottom line however is that 1947 America wasn’t consumed with the’Greys’ or perhaps with problems of bug-eyed-monsters ravishing terrestrial girls as seen on the covers of the pulps, or of their future growth of the human species, or of whatever too aliens, this being several years before the onset of this”space race”. There’s not any logical reason for army employees (Roswell) nor a typical middle-aged bunch (the Hills) to have every one those alleged defining traits Mr. Sceptic mentioned as a part and parcel of aliens around the mind; even within their subconscious.

The most important thing is that American culture wasn’t consumed with experiences with the’Greys’ or aliens of any sort before 1947. The 1938 radio broadcast of”The War of the Worlds” that frightened the pants from a few listeners had long been abandoned and consigned to history and warfare nerves. Roswell couldn’t have affected the Hill’s occasion and clearly the Hill’s event couldn’t have had some bearing on the Roswell event, nevertheless both have’Greys’ because their EBEs (Extraterrestrial Biological Entities). Coincidence? I believe not.


Seeing pop-culture, I assessed with three of my own novels about aliens in sci-fi, that had been:

Certainly that couldn’t have been a inspiration for its Roswell’Greys’ nor the Hill’s’Greys’.

It wasn’t any doubt following 1966 supposing they heard/read concerning the Betty and Barney Hill incident; afterwards 1980 when they heard/read regarding the revival of the Roswell event. But, I would argue there have been two other afterwards and a lot more significant defining moments concerning public consciousness regarding the’Greys’.

The first was that the conclusion to the movie CE3K, or”Close Encounters of the Third Kind” (1977) – that included no reference to Roswell whatsoever for obvious reasons though it likely would have had it been produced after 1980 – that had been viewed by multi-millions.

Apparently no additional publication cover picture has had the impact, the resonance with the people that image (of a’Grey’ alien) had. It had a resonance far beyond anything a Jung archetype picture (if there actually is anything ) might have had. The excellent unwashed identified it in spades, that speaks volumes about the truth of the’Greys’ and their institution, even , together with all the general public. I would be quite surprised if a few Ph.D. student(s) in cultural anthropology, psychology or sociology did not concentrate on that as her or his thesis.

Obviously the CE3K movie nor the Strieber publication could have had some bearing on the Roswell’Greys’.


The picture of the’Greys’ is definitely ingrained within our (western culture ) culture today, and I have given examples of why, though that wasn’t true just before Roswell (1947) and the Betty and Barney Hill experience (1961) which happened five decades before the following marketing (1966). The question is, would be the’Greys’ that an archetype ingrained within our psychological facilities such as most phobias, or, are they real?

Mr. Sceptic’s interpretation of the’Greys’ is they are ingrained in our subconscious mind, possibly a comparatively recent development, possibly something far more historical. They’re an archetype. My interpretation is they aren’t all-in-the-mind but they are something real of construction and material. Mr. Sceptic sadly fails; I triumph. Why? Since Mr. Sceptic can’t appeal to anything cultural or sociological or anthropological or emotional to describe the Roswell’Greys’ because they had a bodily slab-in-the-lab fact that demanded the Roswell base staff to arrange to get child-sized coffins be routed to the foundation by the regional Roswell funeral home before transfer into”higher authority”. Mr. Sceptic could no longer do this by way of excuse than you could interest some feline archetype and mythology to explain off that kitty sitting and purring its little heart out in your lap.

The very popular image of this extraterrestrial or even the alien in 1947, presuming that the excellent unwashed maintained this image in their own consciousness or their unconscious, could have been the BEM – Bug-Eyed-Monster – bent on conquest and ravishing young ladies. The picture of this dreadful’alien’ could have been re-enforced from the very recent perceptions of the way’alien’ Imperial Japan was the’mysterious’ culture/philosophy of both Nazi Germany and the today’mysterious’ communistic culture of the Soviet Union, that was currently the Cold War’enemy’ and you had to remember maybe not Martians threatening but reds-under-the-bed. In 1947 America something which wasn’t White-Anglo-Saxon-Protestant (WASP) and talking English was’alien’ and likely nasty. They had sufficient to worry about and keep them awake during the night and supply nightmares if they did fall asleep. Nevertheless it had been the’Greys’ that surfaced and at a military setting no longer (Roswell). Consequently, that the’Greys’ aren’t a product of their brain. The USAF has been made to attempt to explain the’Greys’ of Roswell as a tool prosaic (i.e. – crash test dummies), however something else using physical fact.


The’Greys’ can’t be an archetype product produced by the head because 1) in the event of Roswell that the RAAF needed to dictate in child-sized coffins to send the’Greys’ outside in and two ) in the event of the Hill’s experience, well that occurred in open countryside whenever they had been broad awake. Sceptics haven’t satisfactorily explained any type of pop-culture link and its own all-in-the-mind explanation for the’Greys’, so IMHO that is still another instance of sceptics, such as Mr. Sceptic, that simply talk-the-talk.

Everyone and anyone remotely knowledgeable about the Roswell’Greys’ understands about these famous or notorious’alien autopsy’ movie featuring the Roswell’Greys’ – or really’Grey’. Truth or fiction?

For that matter, you can not always believe what you read . 1 basic reason is that. Video (such as publishing) will become a for-profit business. The title of this game is MONEY and PROFIT. The title of this game would be to pull the audiences. If audiences are not seeing there is no advertising earnings forthcoming and thus the series gets the boot. It is a cut-throat small business. 1 method of course to pull the audiences is to sensationalize the subject matter manner beyond what the true evidence justifies. If the app does not offer some other or sceptical points of view then the demonstration is biased and one-sided. At any time you see breathtaking things like this, do some independent study and fact-finding and fact-checking. A lot of stunning claim dissolves into nothingness when placed under the individual investigative microscope.

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