Witchcraft is a phrase that’s used to pay for a wide spectrum of faith. It’s often wrongly believed that everybody who uses the expression witchcraft is right into Black Magic or Satanism. This isn’t correct!

Witchcraft itself has lots of’denominations’.

In modern culture, occultists frequently refer to black and white magic. White magic is reportedly the origin of power for good or boon. While black magic is frequently known as the energy from demonic spirits that’s used to damage or employ ones will and eliminate the other’s free will.
With few exceptions, people in Wicca would consider they never become involved with curses that may harm people i.e. they’re not involved in black magic.

It’s my personal belief after decades of investigation and study and as a practitioner of Wicca, Voodoo and Black magic this belief at the differentiation between black and white magic is that the creation of writers and Hollywood and seldom really appears in the background of planet magical.

Request any white witch, that promises to practice white magic just, if they’d have the ability to hex someone who’s upset them. The solution is without doubt , which contributes nicely to this question when a white witch practicing white magic utilizes a supply of electricity for good / boon then how do they hex somebody? Hexing relies on wicked spirits to execute the sadistic will, so black magic.

It’s my private opinion that there’s not any significant gap between white magic and black magic with a single exception, the intent where the magic is cast. Magic throw with great intent gets white, magical throw with bad intent gets black. The origin for both black and white magic is exactly the same.

While I agree there are other slight differences i.e. from the rituals between White and Black Witchcraft, the origin of the energy is identical?

Most arrive (such as myself) in the Dark arts through a few of many kinds of White Witchcraft. People in white witchcraft refuse that the God of the Bible and so their electricity has to come from a different unnatural’god’. As already clarified the simple fact that this ability seems to do good is that the’angel of light’ syndrome, and this comes with a wicked power in its root.

There’s not any gap between White and Black magic, except at the self-deceit of this White magical practitioner. In custom, White magic is done for great intentions, although black magic is employed for self-gain, private power, and wicked purposes. Can there be anybody in life who has tackle a course of study or a project without self satisfaction and personal power for a goal?


Black Witchcraft / Dark Magic is more correctly called the’Dark Way’.

Wiccans who follow the’and harm ye none’ portion of their rede don’t think they follow Satan as well as the exact same may also be due to the vast majority of witches – that don’t admit, let alone worship Satan.

Many Wiccans / white witches admit that they seek authority out of a cancerous origin but wouldn’t agree that this was pure bad. They have a tendency to assert it is a more potent source to operate magic from.

Nevertheless many dark witches discover that the dark goddess is inconsistent enough without adding in something that they believe to be sourced by a contemporary faith.


It’s hard to see clear distinctions between black and white magic and dark and light witchcraft. The bounds between the practises have a tendency to blur based upon the professional.

It has to be known that lots of witches and the vast majority of Wiccans decide not to develop into dark witches. The darker route is much more appealing to people that have a mindset that’s very similar to that of the occultist. People who enter you’re seeking hidden wisdom and capability to control and affect that which by ordinary way they cannot.

For people who do input this course it’s not a match but a very significant measure.

Any region of the occult / witchcraft allows, people with an aptitude along with a will to search, and also a willingness to cover its own costs, accessibility to what are generally referred to as the black arts.

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