Normally, individuals come to the astrologer in times of Fantastic life changes, for example

So when will I come in my inheritance?

Should I wed him? etc

In the medical astrologer, yet, individuals arrive in the advanced phases of the disease, often following some sort of surgery has taken place, together with a rich history of managing physicians. The Typical questions for your health astrologer are:

Can I opt for surgery?

Does this need to be a operation?

When should the operation take place?

Why not we have kids?


When the events in the background of disease coincide with specific astrological transits and configurations, then we could locate the astrological reason behind illness, provide the prognosis for your path and length of the disease, and decide upon a treatment needed and so forth. The contrary situation often happens too: the customer comes to the typical astrological session, but the astrologer sees at the horoscope a threat long before the disease has shown and materialized.

A lot of expectations is connected to the information that the medical astrologer gives.

“On Tuesday, I’ve a radiology treatment appointment, if I proceed?”

“The physician recommended taking away my bladder to block the cancer from spreading, if I do this or not?”

If you can’t bear meeting tough, terminal pathologies, even if you don’t need to take deadly responsibility for the results of you information — you don’t do it. If you aren’t a medical practitioner by profession, then you’ll need to prepare read books, consult with medical doctors, collect information from the world wide web, participate in forums, classes, membership websites etc..

The issues of curing are radically different to that which astrologers do throughout the reading. In an perfect world, astrologers counsel and customers change their behaviour, so as to devote the excess energy that the stars and planets send them. Medical astrologer might be more tangible and indicate wearing particular crystals, colors, aromatherapy, flower remedies and so forth. It’s better that the livelihood of health astrologer and medical physician don’t blend. Ideally, medical astrologer doesn’t heal and the customer isn’t the individual, unless the medical astrologer is medical physician also, or finally, a skilled homeopath. Neither ought to medical astrologer be a healer: he or she must just offer a highly capable outlook of malefic influences that have already shown as a disorder and will — unless nothing has been undertaken — continue to attest consequently, likely with milder consequences as the period advances.

Medical astrologer reaches for many astrological techniques and techniques from which something could be deduced about the nature of disease. They must be, most importantly, a competent astrologer, needs to control a broad variety of astrological practices and utilize them for the sake of their customer and their wellbeing. Because he or she provides advice about recovery, but can’t heal by himself, in an perfect world, they ought to be connected to physicians and healers, should know their natal charts and during synastry pick whom the individual must see following. But for practical reasons, it’s better that the customer finds her or his own physicians and healers to proceed after going to the astrologer, differently, if something goes wrong (and with sick individuals it always does ), the astrologer could be accused of having a deal with the health professional he has delivered the customer to.

The Evidence

Signs signify the twelve big systems within the body of person, beginning with Aries which signifies the mind, throughout the indication of Pisces, ruling the toes. For every sign a distinctive tissue sodium exists; all these are the construction materials for body, the compounds throughout the mixture of which cells, organs, organs of organs, and ultimately the whole body are constructed. Employing these salts by themselves or by mixing them in substance or homeopathic dosages, a person’s health may be considerably enhanced.

Quite similarly, for every sign a particular sort of food is greatest. Medical astrologer is going to be qualified to provide guidance about food, which may also boost the customer’s health in a lot of ways. Employing the concept of doctrines, i.e. discovering the similarities between the zodiacbody, and herbs, it’s also possible to link signs with herbs and also advise them to assist the individual.

Levels of the Horoscope at Medical Astrology

Each signal contains 30 levels, and every one of those 360 degrees is attached to a single portion of their human body. The entire world on such level is a predisposition for a disease — that the level tells us that section of the human body is in question, even while the entire world will reveal what type of disorder it’ll be. In a similar fashion, it’s possible to link the midpoints as well as the degrees.

The planets are resources of energy at the research, and each is unique. As an example, the power of Mars is fire-like; he moves up the flames in the entire body (leading to large fever ) and cleanses it consequently. Neptune stands for germs which are called the medication, while Pluto is because of its unidentified germs, and so forth. Even the asteroids, the big ones particularly, for example Ceres, Juno and others, act in an identical manner. There are eight”Uranian” planets that don’t have any astronomical information, but the effect of that may be felt very strongly from the graph. A few of those planets have powerful medical connotations, so using them is able to raise the trustworthiness of health astrology analysis around 90 percent of succeeding.

The Homes in Medical Astrology

From the twelve homes in the Typical astrology, five are far more important the others:

First home — the body,

Sixth home — ailments,

Eighth home — support from other people, gender, death, karma, terminal conditions, cancer,

Twelfth home — solitude, physicians and monasteries, psychic difficulties, auto-immunity.

But every home has its own unique meaning in medical astrology:

No. 6 — disorders, personal hygiene, mealsdaily to day customs,

No. 7 — passing through mind problems, equilibrium of the entire body, backbone,

No. 9 — the top part of mind, cerebral hemisphere, Jupiter rules within the abandoned, Neptune rules within the Ideal hemisphere;

No. 11 — flow, hemorrhagia,

No. 12 — autoimmune disorders, thymus, immunity in liver.

The ruler of the home is the principal indicator of these events linked to the home, whereas the planets at the home aren’t so significant. For example, to find out what sorts of ailments you could have, have a peek at the sixth house and its ruler, its own location, aspects and transits. Just after the rule stayed under stress for quite a while, we might be permitted to begin calling the presence of a disorder.

Planetary Aspects

How will a world express its energies mostly depends upon its connections with other planets, which boils down to the angle which those two planets produce with the middle of the circle. Every pair of planets brings its own sort of illness, for example, a mixture of Sun and Saturn will slow down the metabolism, whereas the Sun and Mars make it effortless for the individual to burn her or his own energy — these individuals frequently opt for sports.

Whenever there’s an specific inconjunction between two planets from the graph, the individual is going to need to live through different issues of health nature. Malefic facets from malefic planets into the Moon would be the worst. Squares are incredibly malefic, therefore Saturn squaring the Moon provides a tendency towards cancer, but precisely the exact same effect might be viewed from malefic aspects from Neptune or Pluto to the Moon. However, it always pays to observe where the great aspects are, since they attract amelioration, frequently a whole cure — occasionally through treatments, occasionally through individuals who resemble the description of this facet (for example, a trine to Neptune — recovery via an apothecary etc..)

If there aren’t any beneficial elements to the rulers of the 6th, 8th or 12th homes, then we ought to come across men whose planets make harmonious aspects. If this individual is your physician or a healer, recovery will be prosperous.

Midpoints at Medical Astrology

Each world is on the center distance of the following two planets, as though in a triple mix. Midpoints make each graph as exceptional as you can and you can’t do medical astrology nicely if you aren’t using them.

Medical Aphorisms

Medical aphorisms are settings common for certain ailments and conditions. The medical astrologer has to be well acquainted with these kinds of configurations and ought to be able to recognize them from the graph. On the other hand, the customers will not hold it against you in the event the center of this session you appear in the guide — they won’t care whether it will help them get treated!

In these days, it’s likely to possess astrology software calculate medical configurations from the natal chart. To be more exact, with this a bit of applications, it would be rather hard to do medical astrology, since there are dozens and dozens of these configurations.

Diagnosing an Infection Depending on the Natal Chart

Every graph includes dozens of possibly problematic configurations. It doesn’t indicate that this individual has to be sick just because these configurations exist at the graph, neither does it imply that the individual is going to have those illnesses simultaneously, neither does it imply that possibilities for disorders from the graph must become fact. Setup is a trend for sickness, and it’ll manifest itself when at least three predispositions are busy in precisely the exact same moment. The next predisposition may subsequently come every seven decades, because it takes seven years to get the Moon to create a different malefic aspect to the natal Saturn. Or the third variable could come via a slow transit of Saturn, possibly through its stationary stage squaring the Moon. Whether there are four such variables at the exact same time period, the customer will feel like surrounded by bad and where they flip to, the situation appears impossible for them.

Just if we see such a concentration of roughly identical transits, can we would like to warn the customer about cancer or any other such grave illness. Since we can calculate the transits and solar graphs beforehand, we can precisely tell the customer when their troubles will start, in addition to when they finish.

From time to time, precisely the same predisposition will look from various configurations. When there’s a square of Uranus into the Ascendent, however, the exact same Ascendent can also be squared by Pluto, the mix for operation will look double. It only requires a transit of Mars to enable among these configurations, or to get Mars to be about the Uranus/Pluto midpoint from the solar return chart along with the operation looks inevitable.

In natal astrology, in 90 percent of sessions we’ll require nothing over the natal chart as well as the transits — in one-day sessions there isn’t enough time to dive into all of the graphs which may be helpful. In medical astrology, nevertheless, it’s a regular to use a number of different kinds of graphs. There should be three separate confirmations for sickness to look, no matter which graph do we view it. On the lookout for hints in the graph in the event of health astrology frequently is a detective-like work, until you discover the constellation that was busy when the symptoms started. As soon as you join real-life events together with their potential astrological triggers, you are able to forecast how the disease will unfold, and with assurance.

Extended transits of malefic planets create all types of health issues, while the innovative horoscope produces the most effective long-term perspective of their customer’s life. In medical astrology, we constantly utilize solar graphs, since there we see powerful accents, which might not survive for long, but sometimes leave the sequel for the remaining portion of the customer’s life.

Additionally, it things whom do you reside with. The men the customer lives together and trades their energy together. Occasionally they cure by simply being current, in different instances they create the customer only sicker. The country where the customer lives will have its own horoscope and that may be taken into consideration also.

Auxiliary Approaches in Medical Astrology

Arabian Components are formed by incorporating two major points, where another, the next stage, is subtracted. There are approximately 500 Arabian components, and a number of them are directly linked to health.

Every specific home has its own pair of Arabian pieces. As an Example, the sixth home has the next two Arabian Components, which can be of interest in medical transcription:

The sixth home also includes the elements for servants, the prisoners of war, as well as the pars of those defeated, which don’t have anything to do with wellness.

The amount of Arabian Parts per home varies: home No. 7 includes 16 Arabian components, home No. 8 — 5 Components and so forth.

Fairly often, horary astrology will give plenty of information. Rather than natal charts and the graphs which derive from it, from horary astrology we vertical the graph for the period of asking the question concerning the disease. Reading a horary chart differs to the scanning of this natal and the other graphs, and thus don’t use this technique if you don’t understand what you’re doing. Regardless, it is worth it to find out horary astrology, since it often provides a direct glimpse into the true situation, the length of this disease, eventual deaths and surgeries etc..

We ought to make it only if we all know for sure when the disease started.

Electional astrology attempts to detect when an activity should start. In medical astrology, these graphs could be researched to discover if the prescribed treatment should begin, when is time for physician to go to the individual and so forth.

The Function of Medical Astrology at Healing

Contemporary medicine understands a good deal about the condition of the individual at the present time of measurement, and understands too, in a statistical fashion, if the prognosis is bad or good. Nonetheless, it never addresses the future of this individual, and is nearly always used when something bad has happened. Medical astrology is the missing link between the listed condition of the individual, their present therapy as well as the future evolution of the disease. As it’s likely to create the astrological prognosis beforehand, it will become possible to perform something beforehand too. Homeopathy and other energy recovery systems are a natural continuation of health astrology, since energy recovery”spends” the undesirable but current energy which stars and planets send us through astral body. The largest benefit of medical astrology is that it empowers not just to predict which remedies and techniques can cure now, but if these remedies and techniques ought to be ceased, and another healing modality be obtained and implemented alternatively.

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