Have you ever return to what your ideas and considers were as a kid to what they’re as an adult? It’s funny how we could change our thoughts about things as we age. Part of it’s peer pressure and wanting to match and yet another reason is that as we age we base our own ideas and opinions about the adventures we have experienced. You don’t understand that these things before you become a parent .

When I was growing up my parents, I didn’t possess a fantastic deal of cash. While I reflect back they constantly place us children . We had fresh clothing, shoes and other items ahead of my parents purchased things for themselves. My mother is a present giver. She desired to surprise us with presents and tokens although there wasn’t a great deal of cash to buy these items with. Barbie dolls were a huge deal once I was a child. They were more expensive to purchase. My mom started making Barbie doll clothing for me to perform . I had been the only person who had homemade Barbie doll clothing. Often times once I went to play with I’d leave the homemade clothing in the box and just take the few store bought ones I had.

A couple of years back my mom had to move into assisted living. My sisters and I started going through the house picking the things for mother to get in her flat and breaking up the other items and preparing for a lawn sale. In the loft we came across several boxes of toys which mother had saved over time. We discovered a box full of my Barbie doll items. Now I have sewn several things I understand the patience and time that it took my mom to sew the tiny intricate pieces to your Barbie doll clothing. She put a fantastic deal of time to little particulars. On the dresses she’d sewn sequins and tiny beads to create them special. Looking at these garments as an adult I realized I had more amazing clothes to play than some of my friends, yet I abandoned them saved in a box since they weren’t purchased in a shop.

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