Astrology, Numerology Give Window into the Being

Before it was believed that astrology, numerology – equally research which provide windows to the essence of being – and limited types of alchemy were completely different fields that rarely if ever must fulfill. This held true even before the past century when a curious paradigm change happened and the association between the occult sciences became fuzzy. Unexpectedly astrologers found revelations that depicted astrology and numerology as mutually inclusive instead of exclusive. This of course flew in the face of what had been accepted as common knowledge, and that which had really permeated the mind collections of Gnostics for quite a while.

This naturally is an extremely unlikely event and consequently astrologers have discovered that the numerical values assigned to the planets endure amazingly on the total alignment of celestial bodies through an astrological charting. The amount one is delegated to sunlight, while two constantly indicates the moon. These amounts are close in connection but the sunlight is obviously the judgment factor while the moon is constantly subjugated. The planets have been assigned their very own amounts in due course with just Earth not getting any worth (not the number zero).

After the train of thought put forth by ancient and thoroughly groundbreaking astrologers, the amount one — when used in an astrological chart — describes a egotistic person who might be quintessentially a self sufficient individual. The number two is the specific opposite and it’s imbued with a spirit of communication, collaboration, and additionally relationship building, which makes it a number common from the graph of the normal Libra although occasionally it might also be viewed from the Gemini or even Pisces, based upon the positioning of Venus.

In this case the Scorpio is delegated the number eight while Libra drops behind . To newcomers this introduces a somewhat perplexing relationship in it is not hard to confuse the amount values assigned to the celestial bodies together with the amount values assigned to every astrological sign. Given a little bit of time to become accustomed to the distinction, and before long the whole installation produces much more sense.

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