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Have you ever wondered just who the people are who log on to the variety of astrology websites, and pay good money for an astrological reading? It has always been surmised that they are the die-hard believers who know more than the average person about the veracity of the zodiac, the predetermined character leanings, and, of course, the favorable interactions between the signs and the people who are born under them. In some cases these believers have been identified as wealthy business entrepreneurs or successful politicians who need a bit of outside guidance for their latest endeavors. Conversely, who requests a free online astrology chart? If the believers in the realm of the stars are the ones who pay for the information, could it be true that the skeptics are the ones who are seeking similar information – for free?

The breakdown of visitors to websites featuring free online readings and chart preparation is actually quite fascinating. There are, of course, the doubters who stop by for some fun and enter in their birthday, hour of birth and whatever other information they may have available about the day of their nativity. As the chart is prepared with the help of a computerized model, many are stunned to find just how accurately many of the astrological facts are, and how applicable to their particular station in life these tidbits indeed appear to be. In some cases, these former skeptics may also search for a free online astrology chart pertaining to their lover or person of interest, just to see if things are going in the right direction. Of course, since these readings are mostly computer generated, there are a lot of fine points that get missed.

To this end it is always preferable to have an astrological reading done by a skilled professional who will use intuition, as well as star charts, when gauging the various influences the signs of the zodiac have on the individual. In other cases, it is the person new to the art of astrology who may opt for a free online astrology chart in an effort to understand a bit more about the entire process, the topic at hand, and to see if there really is anything to all the hype that seems to surround the availability of the astrological charts. Usually these are the individuals who will become the new believers of tomorrow, and who soon will opt for the more individualized services – albeit for pay – that may be purchased either on the Internet or offline.

Facts a Free Astrology Chart Reading Reveals About the Average Scorpio

By and large, it is accepted in the realm of astrology that there is no such thing as an average Scorpio since this sign denotes one of the few conglomerations of individuals who will eschew normality as much as a vampire will flee from the rays of the sun. Indeed, even the readily available facts a free astrology chart reading reveals about the average Scorpio showcase that in addition to having an acute and borderline regal look, their personalities follow suit beautifully.

Scorpios are considered to be a vengeful sign, but that is a misreading of the underlying personality traits. As a matter of fact, vengeance is of far less importance to Scorpios than meting out justice in the age-old tradition of “eye for eye,” and this is accomplished by a superior hold on their emotions. Onlookers are hard pressed to find a Scorpio disintegrating into tears, and, as a rule, they have a strong dislike for such displays of emotion – either by themselves or others. The one exception is children, for which Scorpios appear to have a seemingly endless tolerance and patience.

When undergoing a free astrology chart reading, Scorpios learn that they are considered to be one of the negative signs, and, true to form, their sign is closely aligned with the mythical Hades of the underworld and also with Ares, the personification of the god of war. Little time for the shortcomings of others, Scorpios are known to be consistently chasing their next goal with an ambition that is at the same time awe inspiring and revolting. Being married to a Scorpio is a roller coaster ride that takes years to refine so that run-ins are kept to a minimum, and the interest that caused the Scorpio to commit to this relationship is not extinguished before it had a chance to truly take hold.

On the dating scene, Scorpios are mistakenly considered to be flighty when in reality they have a unique approach to sex which for them is an expression of love, but, when compared with the life long love of a Capricorn, is rather fleeting. Generally speaking, Scorpios should not consider marriage until they are more mature and have sown their wild oats. Other facts a free astrology chart reading reveals about the average Scorpio is their almost pathological self reliance which at times works against individuals born under this sign. Then again, their cunning is certain to get them out of such predicaments rather predictably.

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