Aquarius Taurus compatibility match is not a very good matches as they have their own set of standards and norms to live life. They are extremely determined and seperative in nature. Aquarius wants to be free and aloof at times which will not be supported by Taurus as they are very possessive. Its the natural desire of Aquarius to share his feelings with others on the other hand, Taurus tend to be reserve tries not to share too much with others. When these two make a decision or forms an opinion about something it is not likely to change. Aquarius Taurus compatibility both are loyal and have firm foundation for their love. They tend to be very different from each other as they have different perspectives in life.

Aquarius Taurus compatibility are future planner, whatever they do their one eye is set on the future. Whereas, Taureans lead on one path, they are busy making their present and do not think much about the future. Taureans stability seeking nature disturbs the quick changing Aquarians. Taureans are conservative, rigid and traditional to the Aquarian sensibility. Taureans like more of material possession while Aquarians aim for intellectual property. Aquarians treat themselves as a very mature individuals, they find Taurean’s act as childish. They both are jealous but, will never speak about it and Aquarians will keep thinking of the ways getting ahead of it out of jealousy. They are stubborn and discussion may lead to adversaries.

Aquarians are too idea oriented, every act of theirs involves innovations and they aim for high status. Taurus plans for daily but Aquarians have big picture plan. If they try to merge their plans and work practically, they can make a very good combination. Taureans love simple and luxurious life. They love to relax and are very down to earth and sensible. On the other side Aquarians always seek for progress and achievements in life. This may not be the major issue but, some other compatibility problem might risk their marriage.

Aquarius Taurus compatibility initial stages of relationship may be exciting and good going, the problem may start when they are heading towards the later stages, and differences could be viewed clearly. They will have to give chance to each other to lead their life. Taureans generally does not like fake interest of Aquarians towards love, Taureans being more passionate and loving. Aquarians seem to be very philosophical about living which generally does not match with traditional style of Taurus. One thing good about the relationship is that, Taureans get to learn various aspects of living life. Earlier their relationship might be appealing, but as time progresses they get to know each other’s follies.

This match may end up into mess due the difference in the way of living and their opinion towards life. There is very least chance to subdue their stubbornness for one another. Aquarius Taurus compatibility relationship can be short and sweet and moreover, the Taureans can make the most out of this relationship. They can learn new ideas and aspects of living life and get themselves corrected where ever they go wrong.

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