Well what can one say when the Bull and Lion come face to face with each other. Both have strength in them but the urge to gain attention for tat is only in on the big cat. The Compatibility for Leo and Taurus is difficult to say. When it comes to love and passion they both get along well, but they may disagree on mutual terms over other affairs.

The Taurus doesn’t find solace in crowd; he loves his sweet home and rolling chair. But when it comes to Leo, they love people to notice them and praise them around. The Compatibility for Leo and Taurus may get disrupted because of nature of Leo to be the center of attraction always. This attitude of Leo might cause some trouble between the two. They both need to comprise on each end in order to get things working.

Leo’s are good at rationalizing things; they love to help others and will sort out troubles from their life. But when it comes to their lives they shrink down. Taurus people are quite clear in their mind about things, yes but there are times when they are found biting their nails. Compatibility for Leo and Taurus could be better at times .They should learn to understand each other. Taurus people are good listeners and will stand by a Leo through their good and bad times. Leo’s love when they feel secure and who else can better protect a scared cub than a Bull. Both love their independence and also provide each other the same. They both can be greatly in love if they balance things well.

Compatibility for Leo and Taurus is good when it comes to decision making, both the signs are quite efficient. The Leo lust’s for power while Taurus doesn’t need it. This at times might trigger some ego clashes between the two. Even though the Taurus doesn’t desire to be the leaders, the attraction of Leo for power annoys them. Leo just can’t help feeling superior and behaving dra¬matically now and then. Taurus often tolerates the superior nature of Leo. Leo’s have big ideas about, they think large but this may make things difficult for a simple hearted Taurean.

Compatibility for Leo and Taurus depends on understanding and adjustments. If they learn to adjust then they can make the relationship work. And only brain clashes are needed to be handled, the love between the two is quite enough for a long term relationship. Leos love to carry responsibilities on their shoulder. They may grumble about their troubles but don’t offer and helping, it is sure that it would be denies. They love to help the helpless. In a similar way, Taureans would stand by you through your troubles; he would just be a call away when you need him. The relationship between Leo and Taurus could turn out to be a wonderful relation if they keep their egos in their baggage.

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