Millions of people seem to confuse the meaning and the implications of psychic abilities and psychic reading. Some keep asking if they are one and the same thing, while others think that one should be a branch of the other. The confusions seem to be a bit justified when we look at the glaring similarities between the formal definition of both psychic reading and clairvoyance. At the a judgment of first value, they seem to be one and the same, while at a closer look the confusion, somehow, even seems deeper.

According to both definitions clairvoyance is defined as an alleged ability to gain information about another person, another object, a location or physical event in ways that are beyond the natural abilities of the sense organs of the human body or through extrasensory organs of the mind, while psychic reading is defined as the ability to foretell someone’s future from the present. A closer look at these definitions may not show up with any difference. When definitions like this and of other psychic abilities like mediumship are made to appear together with that of psychic reading, then there will always be little confusion here and there.

However, the simplest answer to be given is that psychic reading uses some psychic abilities as medium or avenues to find expression, like clairvoyance and mediumship, while some psychic abilities also use psychic reading as a language to express themselves. But when considered in its broadest sense, psychic reading is an aspect of psychic abilities. However, psychic reading seems to be the highest level of all psychic abilities. A look at what happens in psychic reading will go a log way to authenticate this view. Psychic reading is a very complex and difficult side of psychic abilities

To be able to practice psychic reading the psychic will have to achieve perfect purity in a higher plane of existence called the astral plane, by overcoming the natural limits of matters and space. At this level of existence the psychic reader is able to interact with other mind realities whom he could sense or hook up with from the astral plane where all mind roam about as vibrating fields of energy.

Unless the person who wants to do psychic reading reaches this level, he can’t gain access into other minds in the astral plane because in its natural form the mind is a mass of flesh that cannot be interpreted into meaningful massage or information. However, when he achieves purity he takes the same form with the mind in its astral form, and he is then able to interact effectively with any mind that makes itself a receptive object to be acted on. This is what transpires during psychic reading.

Hence, psychic reading, by the processes that give rise to it seems to be a unique psychic ability with its own identity.


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