When it comes down to it, do you really trust God? You may say that you do, but when you have no money coming in, do you trust that God will provide some way for you to pay your bills? What does the Bible really mean when it says that God knows our needs and will provide for us? Can God really produce money out of thin air?

Throughout the Holy Bible, God shows his miracles in order for us to believe in him. If a man or woman wants God to be the center of their life, they must not follow traditional teachings about money. In fact, you must erase everything that you have ever learned about money and turn your relationship to God alone. The God of the New Testament is about faith and trust.

Jesus told his diciples to go out and preach the gospel to people in various parts of the earth. Amazingly Jesus said to take nothing with you when you go. Jesus said to his disciples that they would be provided for? This takes a lot of faith. Imagine if Jesus told you right now to go to Africa in order to preach the gospel. Imagine if he told you to leave tomorrow morning without any money and just trust that he would provide for you? That takes a lot of faith.

When we don’t have enough money coming in, we tend to fear and wonder if God is really there for us at all. Is life really all about living for the “things of this world” or is it more about saving souls for the kingdom of God?

When you accept Jesus Christ into your life, something amazing happens. You begin to look at life differently. You begin to see that money is not really all that important and God can provide for you when you least expect. Jesus even told his disciple to go down to the ocean and pull out a fish. He said that in the fish’s mouth, there would be a pearl to pay the taxes with. Jesus literally pulled money out of thin air in order to pay taxes for him and his disciples. The true test of any man or woman is to withstand a test of having no money coming in to pay your bills and having your bills paid even when no money is clearly seen. It is literally pulled out of thin air.

God can actually turn all of your troubles away because he has all of the power in the world to do so. If you are a Christian believer, you may have had situations in which you had a bill due and you did not have the money to pay for it. All of a sudden, you were able to negotiate the debt down or postpone it for another time to pay. With God’s mercy and love, he made that possible for you. It is hard to live in today’s world because people need so many gadgets in order to make them happy. Most people are paying a cable bill, cell phone bill and high speed internet. There are expensive cars and electronics to buy as well. Everything costs money in today’s world. Perhaps the Lord is putting your heart to the test in order to see where it is at. Perhaps you are supposed to not have enough money right now because God is going to show you his miracles in providing for your needs. Everything takes time if we will wait upon the Lord. What is it that you really want to get out of life?

I have noticed that if you give away something for free, you get it back in return in another way. Imagine if you lived your life entirely for doing what you are called to do and not working for a paycheck? Imagine if you didn’t have to worry about money at all and just did your trade for free? Would you feel that it is your true life calling?

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