If we compare the great depression manual with the present situation then it is not even the half of what has happened in 1929. Though, the reasons leading to depression is almost the same and as said history is repeating. If the reasons are similar even the surviving techniques will also be similar. But, it was then when very few of them could survive and rests were caught badly led to chaos and the rule of dictatorship. It is the present situation when people are losing jobs and there is high rise in unemployment. It is the time when everyone must figure out the ways and manuals to survive in the depression. There are different techniques and manual related to how to survive a depression.

The first manual option to survive depression is to get educated so that the people get to know on their own that what the economic condition of the country is and so that they can decide for the future. This is not the time to rely on anyone but, on themselves. One must make their own plan for the survival during the economic collapse. They must list out their assets and liabilities and must plan to pay off the debts as soon as possible. New debts should not be paid in cash but, by credit cards. High interest debt, bank loans and unsecured debts must be paid first. The assets must be in moderate amount to survive the economic collapse. Half of the burden is solved by clearing all your liabilities. If there are any discount for insurance this would be a great help to you as you can save money by buying insurance.

The liquid saving must be changed into silver and gold as, it is the time when the prices of these are rising in full flow. Precious metals can be used as currency and can be exchanged for value from any international bank. If the US currency continues to lose value then the price of these metals will go up helping you to survive during recession. The stocks and mutual funds must be re-valued in order to survive financially and to secure investments. Food products such as grains which are easily storable must be hoarded in plenty so that there are no shortages during depression manual or if able to produce food can be the best option.

To survive a depression one must learn the manual to barter as goods can be exchanged in terms of good only. There the commodities which are not useful can be exchanged for something which has some use. The cost cutting must be planned even for the house in order to save money. People must save their jobs by being one of the best employees at the work place. New skills and creative ideas must be put into work to be an outstanding and so that the company gets to know your value and will not make you leave the company. It is this situation when people must prepare for the worse and should not let the depression attack on you.

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