Depression means it is that state of mind where one feels extremely sad and loses all hopes in life. There is least interest to survive in this world. They tend to lose interest and pleasure in all the activities whether it would be their favorite. Depression gives you the feeling of committing suicide and at times people even attempt to do it. People stop eating food and lose weight terribly. They are not in their senses. Their sleeps vanishes completely and they tend to over think. There is a specific reason for people to get depressed. It can be either the death of someone close, divorce, or a lost job or some other life crisis which cause sadness and makes people feel lonely and down. Though, it is normal to recover after a short span of time and get into the daily schedule.

When sadness prevails and the person feels lonely and irritated which prevents them getting on with life, this mood disorder is called as depression. To know about depression, its symptoms, causes and treatment leads to the first step to cure for depression. It is an illness which occurs in the entire body affecting physical health as well as mentally. Embarrassment to admit illness about this state of mind leads peoples to serious other disorders. Depression can occur to anyone irrespective of age, races or social class. Depression does not only affect the sufferer but, also affects families and friends. It can destroy the whole life if not treated on time.

Symptoms like feeling sad or anxious every day. Loses interest in activities which was once pleasurable; If there is extreme of weight loss and the sleep comes too much or very little or there is complete restless sleep; if person gets very slow at physical work and all other types of weakness all these various symptoms needs consultation with the doctor at a very early stage or it may lead to some other disorder. A psychiatrist is best person who can be a best cure for Depression and can get people out of it. He can perform the physical and psychological evaluation and prescribe medication looking at the effects of it. The person must also be provided with psychotherapy which would also be a best cure for Depression.

At depression state of mind some non medicinal methods like yoga can help. Yoga is a relaxing exercise which helps as a best cure for Depression for the person to overcome depression and makes you socialize. The first thing people can don is that they must start smiling at others, should meet friends, watch happy movies, hold hands of dear ones and hug a lot. They must be loved and must be shown affection to make them feel comfortable. They must avoid drugs, smoke and alcohol. Physical activity is necessary for at least 45 minutes a day. They must go for outdoor sports and must eat a lot. Fruits, vegetable and yogurt are advisable to eat but, they must avoid sugar, non-vegetarian food, bread and deep fried foods.

Death is not the ultimate solution to everything, life is so precious, and one must not let it go easily. Start loving yourself, people will love you. It is totally a different experience to love someone and to be loved.

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