You may say I’m a dreamer but I’m not the only one’ everyone dreams. Dreams are the images or thoughts that keeping passing through one’s mind during sleep. Dreams are often related to the state of mind we are in. Researchers have stated that dreams or dreaming is a universal physical phenomena of human life. However the answer to the question why do we dream is still not concrete. One of the most accepted Freudian theory states that our dreams are linked directly with our unconscious thoughts, wishes and desires.

We always think and wish so dreams are an indispensable of our lives. Each morning we wake up to a new dream. Very often we tend to forget our dreams if they are not much significant. For e.g. a farmer sees himself going to his field, working and coming back home. This dream may be insignificant to him because it doesn’t have any unique side to it and he may forget it as soon as he wakes up. So what do our dreams really mean? To interpret our dreams a tool named dream dictionary is available. Dream dictionary is available in form of books or charts. Psychologists use dream dictionary when a person faces disturbances because of the continuous dreams he or she sees. Dream dictionary serves two purposes and can be classified into two types – scientific and traditional. None of them give fool proof results. However a scientific dream dictionary is used for clinical purpose. As mentioned above psychologists use a scientific dream dictionary to interpret the patient’s dreams.

Traditional dream dictionary is based on myth and is used on a day to day basis. For e.g. many people believe that if they see water in their dream, it is most likely that they will receive money the next day. If your dreams are disrupting the normalcy of your sleeping pattern or is leading to stress or trauma you should consult someone who can interpret and analyze your dreams using a dream dictionary. Traditional dream dictionaries are used by websites all over the internet. These websites give an alphabetically arranged preview of your dreams. For e.g. if you see a celebrity in your dream, the traditional dream dictionary says that if you see a celebrity in your dreams it may be because you have certain desires and wishes which are beyond your reach at the moment.

If you see that one of your friends has become a celebrity it means that you have the fear of losing the bond you share with this person. Whereas if you see that you are crying in a dream it may mean that your mind is trying to achieve emotional balance while you are asleep. If you see someone else crying that may mean that you want to help somebody or someone needs help from you. With the help of a dream dictionary you can understand the special messages, feelings or thoughts that your mind sends to you while you are asleep.

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